3 months ago I was forced to andika an essay about myself by forces greater than me .So wrote what I thought( still think) was a picture of the person thatI am .Since this is my forum to share my own thoughts and ideas . so tried

realize how much I’ve grown and changed, not only physically, but also mentally as a person in the last couple of years. Having been in America 2 yrs, I ve learnt many things the hard way and I look back now and say every day in life is truly a learning experience. I arrived in America without any idea of what to expect but here I am and still going strong despite been 30000 miles away from home. On a personal level, I’ ve gained quite a bit from my exposure to the western world am Confident in my ability to adapt to new environments and learn techniques that I have never encountered, I have also learned a great deal about the nature and the lifestyle of the academic world in Americas. Familiar with the amount of dedication and hard work essential to succeed in a graduate course advancement, I am more focused on my goal of becoming an excellent student than I ever have been.

It is a strong belief in my family that the American education system has the best to offer in the whole world. . If I can get an opportunity to be a part of that intellectually stimulating environment, I am sure my talents will be put to optimal use.

Kenya is a developing country with an enormous potential in many fields including technology and engineering To serve the needs of this developing nation and more important its vast population, leadership skills is going to become of utmost importance. Thus conditions here are very conducive to supplement my aspirations when I return after completing my graduate studies.

During my senior years in my undergradaute studies, I made a decision that has impacted the entire course of my education this was the decision to come to America . While my classmates were making definite decisions about their career paths, I chose to implement a five-year plan of development and growth for myself. I designed this plan in order to examine various careers that I thought might interest me, as well as to expand upon my abilities at the time. As I was attaining a BS degree in engineering, I decided to focus primarily on fields related to production and manufucturing. I saw an opportunity to both work and learn through employment at wananchi online in Kenya. With the intention of coming to America to pursue further studies for my masters. Operating as a salesperson at a successful, high-tech internet service provider company, it enabled me to utilize my technical and interpersonal skills in new and challenging ways. The position allowed me to interact with a multitude of departments including marketing, manufacturing, assembly, reliability, accounting, and sales. I thus have gained an array of experience that extended beyond the parameters of my own responsibilities. In the workplace, I relied heavily upon the interpersonal techniques I developed well as the organizational skills I had acquired through holding various leadership positions in cultural and student societies in the university

I therefore belief that the academic records of my years doing undergraduate , coupled with my work experience are ample proof of my dedication to learning. I feel I have overcome through hard work and dedication the milestones that I would have faced especially been form a third world country. Am now embarking on another mission, during which I hope to fulfill several specific career goals. My long-term career goals include a move into marketing and product management. I believe that attaining this MEME degree is the cornerstone to achieving my goals. It will give me the academic background necessary to succeed in product development, project management, and strategic planning. It will improve decision-making skills necessary for optimizing performance in any form of work.
As a part of the graduate program at your institution I believe that UT system of Universities is the best environment for me to achieve my goals while gaining exposure to and experience with a diverse student body and faculty. It is my belief that one continues to learn throughout one’s life, and the most effective method of learning is through interaction with others.The UT chain of universities and its Diversity offers an environment for learning, both inside and outside the classroom. I hope to share my varied knowledge with my classmates and to take from them a new understanding of topics that are foreign to me.

I also believe that no other school provides students with the combination of education and environment offered by UT arlington . Its outstanding academic reputation, mingled with its diverse environment and thriving arlington location, creates an opportunity for growth that is second to none. I have many ambitions for myself as I embark on this stage of my life. I believe that an education from your school will provide invaluable experiences and skills that will allow me to become a successful and innovative business leader in the new millennium.