whatever you want to call em. i hate em. i hate wasting my time on sneaky underhanded fake ass people. you know, the fucktards who smile constantly and hold convo with you as if they really give a fuck. only to use what you talked about as some form of fuel to try and get you burnt. in the end they betray your trust and deny any kind of past comradery.

but it’s perfectly fine, past experience has hown me two sayings that ALWAYS hold true in life:

“Justice is the strongest pillar of God”

and the good ol’

“What goes around comes around”

I never wish harm on people…but it seems to happen anyway.

i’d rather waste material goods on fakers, coz i can work to get that back. time on the other hand can’t be regained in any way shape or form.so to you shady, sneaky, fake, conniving, devious, dirty dealing, swindling, BITCHASS folks…

i give to you a good ol fashoned