2004 has gone with the wind .just like that .taking with him 135,000 people in asia in just 1 day(tsunami ). At a personal level this has been a great year .Everything just happened to work out.

The things that personally thank God for this year amonsgst others are

1.Having a family back in kenya that is safe and sound bearing in mind the high crime rate in kenya.

2.I am greatful for the great health that you gave me .the fact that for one year i have not gotten ill or sum’thing.I took health insurance , yes but God knows that i did not need INSURANCE made my man but rather ASSURANCE made by God

3. This year I made alot of friends and hope I did not make enemity with anyone

4. 2004 Was a good year financially. Atleast the stresses that I went through in ’03 kwishad.

nways.There are just too many things to be greatful in this year