I have 9 year old siz back in kenya that i really love and miss .her name is chepkemoi.the beutiful thing about her is the fact that I’ve seen her from the day she was brought home form hospital , baby sitted her in holiday breaks during high school years, I am the one who took her to kindergaten and still recall when she cried and refused to get into her class and clung so tight to my trousers. memories . I will not forget the day that i slapped her so hard that she nearly chewed a blackout( forgive me siz) all because she crossed the road without even looking and worse she did it intentionally by running straight to it .I bet its the innocent exitement of crossing the road…….damn am sorry memo

FAST FORWARD >>>>>> 04

so the xmass season came and then guys from home sent all this nicieties . however one letter that really made me almost cry was this one that she wrote .It means so much to me that just feel like goin back home.. here goes the ledo in its original form (no edit)


53507 nairobi

texas usa (??.)

dear wenny

so hi hope youre fine,we are also fine but i miss you so much.everybody at home says they miss you too. now am in class five and i was position one when we closed school. ithink this christmass will not be enjoyable without you .Keep your promise that you wil send me a christmas card and a story book.

Chela amekuwa mkubwa .She can talk some words clearly and sini you heard her talk to you on phone that day. i fill like seeing you ,I hear you will come back december 2006, if you call you tell me am confused

wenny how far is the america? is it like from nairobi to mombasa mara three?is it near iraq?i hope you enjoy your studies in texas let me finish this letter but there is one thing if possible you send me a cloth and shoes .na TV yetu inashika america tuna watch everyday in KTN. when am writting this letter its 6.06 am .I have nuthing else to say because i dont have enough time akina dominic want to take the envelope to njeris house .but last of all look behind the paper


I had forgotten if possible send me cd’s and send chela a toy and send me ajig-saw puzzle and cd’s ya enid blyton .oh wenny unajua nini I will not cry again when u call me on the phone.mum said its not good bye

from your sister


<<<>> I miss you too memo and know that I love you too so so much .