Indeed its true that the former timid and obedient kalonzo musyoka that we knew in the former regime, is gone forever. reality is kalonzo graduated from Raila ‘s school of political rebellion to authority with honors ( years 2002 and 2005)Well there are various angles to all this latest move by kalonzo

kibaki is captain whose boat is sinking while he is drunk at the coxwheel and has just realised that his ship is actually sinking.kalonzo knows that this is his only real stab at the presidency as in, an almost sure win come 2007 ,reason , He knows that kibaki is a wounded general and will not likely return to the battle field and lead his troops .
At the same time kalonzo knows that in terms of ODM hierarchy , in terms of political maturity , he is second to Raila,and will not most likely win the ODM ticket based on that alone.kalonzo may probably know thorough his political intelligence network, that most moderate Kenyans view a Raila’s presidency as a “high risk investment” and would rather vote a moderate person like kalonzo to be president than Raila .infact I think both men know this reality. i.e. Both Raila and Kalonzo on the flipside, based on from our extremely tribal politics, kalonzo knows that there is a large potential voting block in in the:’GEMA’ communities” who will have seen that kibaki is a spent force with no realistic chance of winning. And who will go ahead and vote for kalonzo come 2007

Its common knowledge that the “gema” voting block is comfortable with a Kalonzo candidacy rather than a Raila candidacy so in essence, .kalonzo’s political strategists could be trying to woo this block by sleeping with the enemy (read kibaki) for his own political gain and convience sake just like raila did with Moi post 1997Â….after all kalonzo graduated from raila political school of rebellion to authority with honors ( years 2002 and 2005)Another possible scenario is ,Kalonzo could also be sending a message to RailaÂ’s camp that he, kalonzo , has options and is not just another of RailaÂ’s errand boys. And in this effect he is doing the muscle flexing part of the dowry negotiations before he comes back for real political agreements and eye to eye discussions. recall in 2002 how the original rainbow alliance first went to make a political merger with nyachaeÂ’s party BEFORE turning around full speed and go merge with NAK ?my opinion is kalonzo should still nature his political ambitions , he should work with raila in 2007 and accept to be RailaÂ’s running mate and then them come 2012 could have a real chance of running his own show with a proven role as V.P ,

The only problem however is the uhuru Kenyatta factor . But that is conveniently taken care of by the problems created by kibakiÂ’s administration namely: most Kenyans communities would be very skeptical of voting in a kikuyu candidate again after the arrogance displayed by some quarters. And specifically someone like kalonzo or mudavadi is running. Sad its Tribal politics BUT itÂ’s the reality out there.All said and done , our politicians lack principal , they are willing to go to any lengths to satisfy their own political ambitions at the expense of us the voters whoÂ’s hands are completely tied unless we have a true peoples revolution and a complete overhaul of the system .