Iam not extremely versant with the dealings of the stock market but just a question .do you really believe that the market boom in last two weeks is a result any sideways trading or manipulation or rather as a result of the low trading volume and increased volatility that is typical of spring ? Well the XOM is a share that definitely will keep climbing as long oil is needed. The only fear is what will happen in the next few months. Did you see the earning reports ?Exxon Mobil reported quarterly earnings surged 36 percent to more than $10 billion, topping forecasts, on rising oil prices and strength in refining. n

http://money.cnn.com/2006/07/27/markets/markets_newyork/index.htmCan you really ignore XOM unless you mean do not buy now since all the major buyers will be buying. And the prices are too high?True the airline shares are risk but from my own observation think they also offer a lot of potential. E.g. LUV its one of the most lucrative in my portfolio IF only I had enough money to buy and the will to risk I would buy more.

The initial word in the street was hat the entry of American airlines to its designated routes and airports would eat way its market share (The Wright amendment) but surprisingly itÂ’s brought more customers to southwest. I read some analyst information somewhere saying that the safest airline shares are the small carriers the likes of jet blue, south west northwest etc. And not the bigger airlines that are burdened with overheads and labor disputes.Why switch to all cash. Any great incentives? Apart from the secured APY.

. DonÂ’t you miss the thrill of watching the fluctuation in the share prices and riding out the storms? CDs are safe and secure BUT I guess you can only work with CDS if you are dealing with large sums of money, which I obviously donÂ’t have to invest like that.

between NYSE vs. NSE? Which is the better option?