current am looking at 2 areas in which I intend or rather in the process of setting up a business. One of the options is the trucking industry IÂ’ve got a few questions regarding starting up this trucking thingi. From my peoples in the ground gather that itÂ’s got quite a lot of money and itÂ’s extremely lucrative In terms of returns. IÂ’ve gotten some good information from guys that I know who run this trade .

1 I‘ve checked around for truck prices and so far. Its looks that the easiest way to start is to buy a used truck and build it from there. Now quick question. How old a truck should one buy and be safe enough from having to do costly repairs… then which models would you recommend, based on your own experiences?

2 – Its a bit hard to directly get an 18 wheeler but in my opinion can one buy a 7 wheeler and get local deliveries jobs and then build on from there ?. Question, for anyone with experience to this regard Is a 7 wheeler economically viable? In terms of returns? relative to the financial input vis a vis an 18 wheeler?

3 what is a recommended safe startup capital , assuming the cash is used to put a down payment and finance the truck and cover the overheads before the business picks up

4 In the event that I cannot drive the truck ( in process of getting a CDL) and also the fact that am in school, is it viable to employ someone. Say a fellow Kenyan. What I gather is its better to drive it yourself. To reduce on the money to be a paid to the driver. Since you techinally pay yourself ..question is how does this balance out ? Is it viable in the long run? isit true that the driver ends up earning more than you the owner.?

5 Insurance. This is a tricky area. Does anyone know the intricate details of truck insurance?

And pointers on the crucial things to watch out.