I dont know what goes on in your life nowdays . I know you are now prolly in 3rd year in campus or sumthing.i dont know what drama you face in life in nairobi.I dont know what your future plans are .I dont know if you even think bout the tymes we shared. Do you ever think bout me ? .do you ever reminence bout us ? I miss you so much and I dont know what to say I Know I should be over you , I should know better but thats not the case . ..hmmm do you still feel the same about me or has time put out the flame? do your friend still tell you what to do ? do you ever pick up the phone and still hope it’s me calling you? Gurl I remember the way i felt on the day you told me you really luved me .I remember the look of love in your eyes when you told me you loved me . I remember the day that changed my life …I remember the way felt inside .

You were the reason I was alive I will not forget jan 02 till july 03 .will not forget the way you forced me to get guts and approach you .remember the way i would always come and buy orbit in your shop even when i knew you did not have it in stock..betty I will never forget the day we kissed for the first tyme ..in the middle of the railway line and it was drizzling . not in athousand years will I forget the afternoon strolls in the streets of nakuru holding hands and just fooling around .atimes i wonder do you remember the shoes we would look at and luv and buy them bila thinking bout tommorow where i will get money for the next day ?