You will recall the long winded road that Kenyan constitution-making saga has taken. In the second-last scene we saw the delegates at Bomas pass the celebrated mongrel that would, inter alia- effectively lock out persons of a certain description from holding the highest office in the land,- neuter the electorate by creating the all-powerful PM appointed by the president elected though direct suffrage, and- consign the masses to poverty by ‘’devolving’’ power to four levels.What is often forgotten in the heat of argument is that the Bomas delegates were handpicked by baba moi and his ndp bride, in effect they represented 2 Kenyans.

Now, in the last completed scene, the draft new constitution presented to the voters on 21st November 2005 was roundly defeated in the referendum 57:43 (for the sake of sanity lets assume the underlying numbers were genuine). The main reason for the defeat was, to my mind, the vigorous campaign of disinformation by the ‘’no’’ brigade to discredit the proposed new constitution, by their insistence that 20% of it was laced with unacceptable ‘’poison’’. However, you and I know that the motive for the ‘’no’’ campaign was to give kibaki a ‘’well deserved’’ backhand for his ‘’betrayal’’ of the precious ’02 pre-election mou.Have you noticed that lately politicians are at it again? They are throwing dust in our eyes to distract us from what they are really upto.

They talk of mamluki, orange and flower symbols, bonding, dark tales of impending assasinations and bloody marriages, etc so that we are fixated on sideshows as they thrust and twist daggers in our backs!They are jostling to score points on one another in the name of ‘’consensus building’’ quite similar to the 1997 ‘’IPPG reforms’’, that were no more than a gentleman’s agreement. Yet those ‘’earth-shattering’’ reforms have never been formalized into law 10 years down the line! These mps want us to believe that they can come up with a document that is ‘’negotiated’’ and ”acceptable to all Kenyans”. My question is this:(1) Who gave these mps the power to think for us?(2) Who told them what the contentious issues were, and how the Kenyan electorate would like to resolve them?(3) Are they serious that out of the 6 million votes at the referendum, only a mere 222 votes mattered?These mps behave like ETs, and think they can play their dirty tricks on us. Once the referendum was lost then all the items in the draft proposed constitution were rejected! How come that since Nov’05 they have sat warming the benches in the august house, and have conveniently awakened in time to play rough in injury time?

Who told them that making a new constitution is an event, and a preserve for a select 222? We didn’t get it in the last 15 odd years, so what makes them think that Kenya will be annihilated if we don’t get it in the next 8 months?