The entire leadership class in today’s Kenya is tainted with the selfish desires that have plugged this country further into abject poverty.If you look at the line-ups in ODM and Narc Kenya,these are people who have served in the previous evil governments and have enriched themselves immensely at the cost of the average kenyan.For them to lie to kenyans that they possess the answer to our dreams and aspirations is ridiculous.We need a complete overhaul of leadership as I believe that these rich families will do anything to stay in power.Money runs Kenyan politics and the elitist class has established connections with key players in the private sector to finance their political machines.It is therefore upto the people like us who see this conspiracy to rise and overtake the selfish ambitions of the current crop of leadership.

I believe in 2007 we will recycle into power another team of wolves behind sheepskins . I see the possibilty of polarising of the country because of the two-horse race between ODM and Narc Kenya.The winners of this election due to the mandate they get may consolidate themselves in power by changing the constitution and other machinations that will result in a long era of rule by supression of the average kenyan like Moi did for 24 years.Infact during the days of Moi and Kenyatta,peace prevailed because it was the ruling class all in one party but now it has become elites against other rich families and this may be a recipe for disaster.This country shall not rest until the day our leader is not part of this elitist class.I pray that the generation of kenyans born in the Moi era and who have witnessed the continued plundering of our economy by the elitist class rise and take over leadership and I do not see any other way of shifting the direction we are headed to other than a complete change in leadership.The time is now.