Raila Odinga has spent most of his political life manoeuvring himself for power. He has been in out of more political parties than any other politician of his age. He is the only politician know to encourage others to vie for the presidency while he is pursuing the same, He is described as a smart operator but is he really an enigma or narcissistic personality?

Raila Odinga, those who love him, love him to death and those who hate him wish him death. Why would they wish him death? Because he stands in the way of most corrupt and lazy politicians. Raila is a true enigma. He is a real nationalist and not a tribalist. People who hate him will say whatever they want to say about him, but deep in their hearts, they wished they had the courage and charisma that he has.


Lets face it, Raila wants to be president because he thinks he ‘deserves’ it….not because he has a solid vision for the country. Everything he is hoping to achieve is already being done..

Just tell me what Raila has done for his constituents. All he does is take jungus on tours of Kibera slums just for the photo-op, then takes off to his mansion, or jets to America or the UK on self-aggrandisement missionsRaila tries to ally himself with Barack Obama, but the two could never be more apart. Obama is a true man of the people. Here was a Harvard-educated lawyer rolling up his sleeves to work with the poorest citizens of south-side Chicago. He developed community outreach programs while living on a salary far below what other Harvard-educated lawyers make.Meanwhile, Raila is all about himself. He keeps getting richer while his constituents keep wallowing in povertry.

Raila is the most selfish high-profile politician in Kenya. Nothing he ever does is for the benefit of others. Everything he does is designed to propel himself to greater levels of wealth and power.Like Jesus said, the true mark of a true leader is his willingness to serve others. Raila has starving kids in his constituency but when he went on a begging mission to the US he didn’t ask for food to feed his hungry constituents or money to build them better shelters no. Raila begged for money them to buy him a hummer to ride around in. Raila already had plenty of cars from Mercedes Benzes to Range Rovers. That shows how selfish Raila is all he thinks about is his own comfort that hummer could have rebuilt most of Kibera with better shelters or provided clean water.