hmmmm so utah jazz won huh ? The way the Utah Jazz have been playing, they weren’t about to discount their 104-89 victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Friday night just because Jason Terry, Jerry Stackhouse and Erick Dampier sat out.

as a mavericks DAMU FAN i must remind those utah jazz jammas t hat hiyo was Not exactly a real win for the Jazz. Considering the fact that Mavericks are resting and doing more reserve oriented playing for the next few games, lakini I would say this should have been easy victory for the Jazz. A good win for the Jazz, cuz from past games .I would define being a hard fought game where the Mavericks play Dirk, Terry, and Howard at their normal minutes.

so celebrating or Beating a Mavs team that is using Ager, Barrea, and Mensua Bonsu in predominant roles doesn’t merit Utah a good win.

and some dumb UTah player even had the balls to say ati mavericks had norwitski on the floor so it was a full team game .. jeeez my guy … you dont know the mavericks line up ama nini my guy ?????

shida now is sunday’s game with spurs ( @ san antonio ..) we dont need this win but for morale boosting purposes … .. we must win …. bana all my fingers and 2 balls are crossed ……