This was a case of blatant racism. Imus is an educated radio personality that has been on air for decades, he knew exactly what he was saying and he knew that he could later just apologize and pacify the black/American public. All you have to do is look back at how many times whites have ‘apologized’ and down the line another makes the same mistake and ‘apologizes’, its ironic how the black population constantly have fallen for it. Fortunately/unfortunately( depending on how you look at it), this time around pressure was put on the money sharks ( advertisers) and inevitably a lesson had to be made of Imus.

Anyone who compares Imus to rap artists is being extremely hypocritical or is just plain naive. Rap artists are backed by large corporations that are owned by white people, anything they say in their songs has to first be approved by these corporate thugs, even their videos.

Its a vicious friends

If anything those corporate thugs are the ones that should be put under fire, they will not sign you on unless you rap of ******es, hos and drugs. A good example is The Game, he couldnt get a deal because he was not rapping on those lines, but the minute he started rapping about Bloods, voila! Same thing with Fifty. one should first understand the history of American culture, there are alot of underlying circumstances.