The Government should own up in screwing up big time over the armenian saga that is back in the headlines again . only that this time its the wedding rumors of the first family and their disowned daughter winnie mwai ..

…Admitting that one has made a mistake is a sign of maturity. Whatever the “think tank” of the Kibaki government is up to, they should not insult the intellignce of Kenyans. We know that this side show by the Armenian hirelings is meant to throw Kenyans off the more important things-

kibaki and your inner core ,continue with your soap show of “The blinged also cry” and remember who will be crying come January 2008.

About raila Odinga’s clains that the Arthur brothers were seen in state house nakuru and mombasa……. hmmm lets be serious ..wananchi .. , Is the specter finally failing him? Or is he playing both horses to fake omniscience? either he knows what he is talking about or he doesnt know. Claiming both is a sign of hallucinating disciples running in circles in the desert. It will soon be high noon…