Anyone who wants change should then join the political arena to bring about the fresh ideas that are needed instead of shadow boxing for folks who were in their youth 40 years!!!!! is my belief that it is a time for change, the whole current crop of leaders should make a beeline back to their houses and rest. this is possible by simply voting them out and electing new blood.He who rejects change is the architect of decay. The only human institution which rejects progress is the cemetery.

THERE is growing certainty that Kibaki will be re-elected. His management style provides a slight and welcome departure from his predecessors,. Kenyans need leaders not demigods. Flaunting unorthodox ways like campaigning in foreign lands and expensive acquisitions creates the thought that they are only interested in attention while continuing to make the peasants feel inferior. Loosing common touch could be fatal politically. Kibaki’s calmness compared to panicky ODM’s behaviors upon a policyless , self-inflicted mess of an overseas outing, lack of cohesiveness and inconsistency reactions on opinion polls gives Kibaki full marks on calmness. His political Tsunami survival skills are what kenya needs .ODM’s self inflicted messes may not have started showing up at a better time. Kibaki may prove more sophisticated than ODM

In the past three months every odm supporter I have personally know now claim they are not ODM supporters !Shocked at the turn around i am always keen to hear what their current postion is .Here is what they are all saying .I dont support odm .Just because i critic kibakis government doesnt mean i support odm.I am sure i am not the only one who has heard this line . The worst part of it is thatit is said with a straight face .ODM supporters have left the part in droves . it seems the whole london issue was the breaking point for many .Kibakis economic growth which was once said t o be fake cant be denied anymore .The matundas of development are everywhere

As concerning Raila Odinga ,His kind politics keeps the leaders in check but it does not encourage development and investments. Kenya needs development and building of new industries, develop infrastructure. We can not do this by yelling all over the place about none progressive issues. Raila to me appeals to the emotions,, I would like someone who appeals to the intellect as well as triggers economic growth for my country Kenya. If Kibaki can do this while putting his tribalistic spirit in check, then he can have my vote.

On kibaki , what exactly is he made of becuase he is not clean too ! Did he not oversee the plundering of Kenya for 95% of career? In his sunset years has he suddenly had a change of heart? He has no clue what being a regular mwananchi is since he was that for a very brief period of his life. He cannot even if he wanted to understand what we go thru. The Kibakis are a monarchy in Kenya. He may be a good man but they said the same about his old boss. Kibaki showed us a long time ago who he really is. Why wont u believe him?