This is the biggest b.s I ve read in my entire LIFE!! gentlemen yaani this kenyan politicians take people for a ride !!! how the hell does ODM intend to financ freaky 2-3-4-5 VP’S and for what role in government are they for ?????

the biggest disaster for kenya is to elect ODM Power PERIOD!!!

This is in todays DN 16-04-07

The Orange Democratic Movement is
working on the possibility of having more than one vice-president in their
government. Presidential hopeful Mr William Ruto hinted that there could be
several vice presidents to share the president’s powers. Mr RutoThe move, he
said, would pre-empt a possible fall-out after picking the party’s presidential
candidate in two months. Mr Ruto said yesterday that the party was working
round the clock to ensure that its torch-bearer is known soon. Mr Ruto said
currently a team was working on modalities to accommodate contenders who may
feel unhappy with the choice. He said some of the proposed measures would be the
creation of more positions of the vice president and to spread over the powers
of the president to facilitate a government of consultation. “The formula we
have come up with will ensure that we are united while we give Kenyans a single
presidential candidate within the next two months,” Mr Ruto said.

pure bullcrap … mr ruto you so Full of it …. am even bila words….