let me revisit the Virginia Tech Tragedy , This whole situation is really messed up to say the least. And yes, the school dropped the ball on this one. However, I hear and read about everyone (not including people who were directly affected by this tragedy) so sad and upset…But are we really? Yes we are shocked but how many of us a week from now, will pay any more attention to this or still be concerned? We need to seriously take more responsibility for one anothers well being. If you see someone obviously has mental issues and is troubled, make it your personal mission to do all you can. Whether that is telling a teacher or a counselor or whatever.

Lets prevent theses things from happening, not act after they happen one BIG problem is the way guns are “handed out” to people like Cho. True he didn’t have any criminal background.. but so is the case with the other psychos and shooters out there! almost none of them have any priors before they snap.. My biggest complaint is with the system that makes it so easy for just about anybody to get hold of a gun..now here is a thought..

1-Every individual who wishes to posses a gun should get a certificate from a government psychiatrist who endorses the stable mental condition of the individual

2- The local police should inquire about the individuals behavior at the place where he moves around.. say a school or work place.. I don’t think it is entirely unreasonable to get this..

I’m also tired of news channels blaming the wrong things, such as watching too much movies, media, or games that show voilence. In fact, lets look much deeper. This kid was troubled, I would assume to a level where I would not understand. If anything people should have not have preconcieved notions about him. This kid probably was a loner who needed people who cared about him ( that’s all people probably want in life). People were probably making fun of him because he was weird when all he needed was people who cared. Although they were nice to him they probably thought he was weird (a monster) as they said in the blog and would not actually associate with him. If people tink that way they can maybe create a monster. Anyways I just think he had bigger issues then that, but that may have been the cause (which is not just at all). I feel for the families and the students who suffered from this tragedy. Maybe we can learn from this. …

Trivia …….

I canT help but wonder ….The gunman’s action (killing 32 people) is being covered by the media non-stop two days in a row now… A suicide bomber in Iraq killed 64 women & children and the incident was covered by the media in mere seconds, short of a footnote… and no head of state visited the marketplace where it happened… What is that?