My friend and I were reminiscing on the good old days when Rugby – especially in high school mean’t something. The John Andrews at changez, Blackrock at Saints, Prescott cup championship… We agreed that RVA and ISK were one of the most techinically accomplished teams; Mean Maroon and Patch machine the most talented; and Saints… well, old but one of the best.If you were lucky, then you probably saw Ligale, Luvai, Mbarine, Alloyce, Nduro, Lemmy Mwaura, Shpare, Tutu, Magwa,

I tend to think those were the golden years of rugby… a gone era. Geeze, nothing was more exciting than a rugby game / tournament. Then who recalls the famed Mean Machine cheering squad led by Arigi?The feel good feeling was tampered by Kanyi’s death (R.I.P) which was a big shocker to everyone. Time really flies and days gone seem to change too fast to ages past. However, some memories stay fresh and can still be recalled like yesterday and linger with us for the rest of our lives.

As for us guys in State side . we are truly are missing out on excellent rugby in jamhuri from the -Tri-Nations ,enterprise Cup ,Supa 14, IRB Sevens, Safari Sevens !! For the rugby lovers out here , just note that Stato is NOT doing us favors we only get ONE leg of the IRB Sevens …

DAMN I miss the nondies -impala Rivary of the late 90-s through early 00’s