Sad day for kenya and big loss to the finest airline out of africa

Kenya Airways plane reported missing on Saturday has crashed in southern
Cameroon, the central African country’s state radio said.The radio said the
plane had crashed near a location called Niete, south of the Cameroonian port
town of Kribi and north of the border with Equatorial Guinea. It gave no further details.Kenya Airways earlier said
it had lost contact with a 737-800
airliner bound for Nairobi with 115 people aboard, shortly after it
took off from Douala in Cameroon

This rekindles the age old debate ..How safe is it to fly in Africa?

Why is Africa prone to air accidents? I could go on and give you a laundry list of all the reasons. Here is a continent that is struggling with financial problems. These countries get these airplanes through the “throw-them-a-bone” programme by the west which happens every once a decade so that the west can be seen as doing something. The fact that these countries do not have the parts, manpower or technology to maintain these planes is almost irrelevant. The same reasons as to why road carnage is so high in Africa will apply here!

most accidents occur in Africa – a region where air traffic is growing rapidly but which still accounts for only 4.5% of global traffic, according to the International Air Transport Association.
So, why is Africa prone to air accidents? As air companies rush to take off are they and governments ignoring safety? Should some pilots and planes not even be in the sky?