Mwai Kibaki:

I am greatly honoured for the confidence you have extended to me and I promise not to let you down. I will be your servant, with all humility and gratitude… Some prophets of doom have predicted a vicious in-fighting in Narc [National Rainbow Coalition] following this victory. I want to assure you that they will be disappointed. [Applause]… Our strength will grow stronger and coalesce into a single party that will become a beacon of hope not only to Kenyans but to the rest of Africa.
Let us all unite in forgiveness and reconciliation, and work hard to rebuild Kenya

This a critical moment in the history of our country. The task ahead is enormous. The expectations are high. The challenges are intimidating. But I know that with your support and cooperation we shall turn all our problems into opportunities. You have asked me to lead this nation out of the present wilderness and malaise onto the promised land. [Applause] And I shall do so…
I offer our competitors a hand of friendship. We have been through a long and sometimes bitter electioneering campaign. Now, the elections are over. There should be no bitterness. Let us all unite in forgiveness and reconciliation [applause], and work hard to rebuild Kenya…

One would have preferred to overlook some of the all-too-obvious human errors and forge ahead, but it would be unfair to Kenyans not to raise questions [applause] about certain deliberate actions or policies of the past that continue to have grave consequences on the present. We are however, not going to engage in any witch-hunting. Our task will be to advance Kenya’s interests and ensure they are well served.
I am calling upon all of you to come out and fight corruption, and agree to support the government in fighting corruption as our first priority We want to bring back the culture of due process, accountability, transparency in public office. The era of “anything goes” is now gone forever. Government will no longer be run on the whims of individuals. The era of roadside decisions, declarations have gone. My government’s decisions will be guided by teamwork and consultations. [Applause] The authority of parliament and the independence of the judiciary will be restored and enhanced as part of the democratic process and culture that they have undertaken to bring and to foster.

Fellow Kenyans: I’m inheriting a country which has been badly ravaged by years of misrule and ineptitude. There has been a wide disconnect between the people and government, between people’s aspirations and the government’s attitude towards them. I believe that governments exist to serve the people, not the people to serve the government..
Corruption will now cease to be a way of life in Kenya. And, ladies and gentlemen, by the way you have voted in the last elections, I am calling upon all of you to come out and fight corruption, and agree to support the government in fighting corruption as our first priority.
Economy the priority
The economy, which you all know has been under-performing since the last decade, is going to be my first priority … My government will embark on policies geared to economic reconstruction, employment creation and immediate rehabilitation of the collapsed infrastructure…
The people of Kenya have demonstrated to the world that Africa can manage its own destiny without disruption

We must unite to build a safe, new Kenya. Once again I call on all Kenyans to work with the government to realize the enormous potential of our country. We invite all those who have been outside Kenya to come back and join in the rebuilding of our new nation.