You know seeing things like this coming from jamhuri every other day really gets me pissed. what is michuki and his people doing to rectify the situation ? We Thought clashes ended with Moi ? now W .T. F is this again ??

Six people were killed and 15 houses torched following resurgence of land skirmishes in Molo District. The incident,
which occurred in Chepkinoyio village on Friday, saw five people admitted to
Molo District Hospital with arrowheads lodged in their bodies.Among the
victims was a two-month-old baby whose mother is also fighting for her life at
the hospital following the dawn attack. But the minor died while undergoing an
operation to remove the arrowhead lodged in her stomach……

Like seriously what going on . first Mt Elgon , then Mungiki in kiambu , river Tana then now Molo clashes and government aint done nothing Major to fix this yet????

I am happy with Kibaki on very many issues, however he has failed kenyans when it comes to two things…Security and corruption.

Our minister of internal Affairs has proved to be inept and not up to the task. Mzee Kibaki is his boss and by not doing anything about it…is failing Kenyans.If ODM are behind the clashes….why hasnt the security forces in place arrested those responsible? When blood is spilled, a line has to be drawn….unfortunately the govt see’s it differently.Unfortunately, Kenya being kenya…we are faced with either Kibaki with his wonderful developement agenda (shortcomings notwithstanding)…Or ODM and all of their baggage

To me this is a bigger tragedy than that KQ plane falling off the skies. (no offense to the deceased)