Been wondering,why is it that most guys out here in the US , do not intend to come and settle back home, atleast not in they’re foreseable future. I have buddies who have been out here for years, most have never go back home ,others do not intend to and coming back .to them, is some distant dream.Enaff of my pals living here in US l have told me time and again that if one has a good and progressive career going on for him back home then there is no point in trying to look for greener pastures in the US. They go on about how life is hard, stds of living are high and stuff but returning back jamhuri is not an option at all. This doesn’t make much sense to many people does it ?

There are p’ple who have left very good jobs in Kenya to go to states and do some crazy jobbos. All in the name of being in states. Now that does not make sense to me. There is a doctor who now works in a grocery store. A senior civil servant who now drives a taxi cab. A former dilomat who now works in a nursing home. i personall beliece that most of us do plan on to going home, just not right away Why? Jamaas have to finish their schooling ( some takes 10 yrs to do it.) Others just wanna make money b4 comming home. Others just don’t wanna come home coz they wachad shule kitambo sana.Others just have a lifestyle that they cant get in kenya. The reasons are as varied as can get!

personally i can say that After being in the States for some relatively long-short time( depending who is looking at my data ), I am yet to meet a ‘serious’ Kenyan who expects to live out the rest of his days abroad. Most of the guys I know with degrees or even with Ivy leaugue educations, or who work on Wall street (or the City), recognise the limitations the States imposes on their ambitions. True, the money maybe great, but alot of guys want more out of life. For instance unlimited progression up the career ladder and a feeling of self fulfilment. As a foreigner, even with a ‘green card’, there will exist a glass ceiling. I think thats why alot of people after a while consider it in their best interests to go back home with the hope of realizing their potential that is untapped abroad.

I think that while the States may seem like greener pastures, Kenya just has an unbelievable amount of potential and I intend to make the most of it. Being in the States has been a great experience that I would not trade for anything but it’s always been a temporary thing for me. I feel that I belong in Kenya and every time I go back, I don’t want to leave. Despite all the issues in Kenya, I have this peace and contentment when I’m there and that tells me that’s my home. But this is what works for me and I am not suggesting that there is something wrong with choosing to stay here. I just find it really sad that I have to justify my desire to go back to Kenya to so many of the Kenyans I’ve met here. It’s my home. Why do I need a reason to go home?

Well, I can only speak for myself….I do plan to come back to Africa. Why do people in Kenya think everyone in the states never plans to go back or works a lousy job? Kenyans in the states have different goals and it will take varying times to accomplishg what they want but majority do miss home and more than one can imagine plan to go back. I do really want to go back home and I will. I know there is all this negative stuff going on at home but I also know that the situation is not completely hopeless. I do know lots and lots of people who are doing really well there and I believe I can do the same.