For the past two or so years I have religiously, streamed music from a certain Kenyan website that has great music here is the link of the Player . I really penda this website because they got the finest mix out there. Ive hosted house parties using only this stream since I all I needed was to have my house entertainment system hooked to my laptop and I the whole evening would simply be fabulous it is as if ive hired a DJ since the music blends from hip-hop to reggae to Lingala to genge. So Jana. I wanted to buy some of their CD’S or download so that i can have permanent copies. In addition, guess what cuts …their shop link does not work! I ve tried emailing them but no one responds. Now there goes $ 40 or so dollars from an interested and faithful customer. I am now at the mercies of having to go stream online or go to FM, which is not funny.