I remember my first paycheck at the university cafeteria. I wanted to frame it because that was my first check in US dollars. A grand total of $67 dollars at 5.45 dollars an hour…damn I was on top of the world… Back then To me I was convinced that kweli nimefika America, the land of the great, the land of liberty and opportunity, then why did I feel like a prisoner, why did I feel limited.?
4 years later, many things have changed and I’ve since realized that the $5.45 /hr was peanuts and that The American Dream is truly a Dream.It is just a dream and it is not just waiting for you to take it .you must fight for it. You have to figure out what you want to do and how you are going to do it and get it done the problem, I see is, we are willing to let our environment limit us.JP Njoroge is probably the richest Kenyan in the world. He is worth probably close to 500Million US. He came as a student, struggle with the rest of us, and figured that there is no American Dream! He figured he has to live the JP Njoroge dream He is not lucky, just hard working, and smart. He came here in 1995 and in 12 years managed to be worth 500million.

So whats your dream ? To ask or set standards that you want people with good cars and good education et al. ?is that the limit of your dreams? Is your dream to look good in front of your friends who also came here to look for their own dreams? Was your dream to come and complain about people who work CNA Jobs and make you think they are worthless jobs to have? You tell me your dream in America. It is not too late; there is no limit to how far you can go.

Your dream is your dream, if anything, America can make it happen, all the wealthy folks in this country are immigrants or sons, and daughters of immigrants they are living their dreams out That is their dream and that makes it the American Dream.