Give them milk,” the officer barked. “Your work is just to give birth, eh?” Then, she began crying.
This strategy of bashing people in to bring them into line is very short sighted and to be honest has no chance of solving the problem in hand. All the operation kosovo will accomplish is to subdue Mungiki activities that have been going on in the open. The violence that mungiki have embarked on will not dissappear as a result of operation kosovo. The residents of mathare will not report known mungiki members to the police as a result of this operation…ama ni uwongo?The police had a perfectly good opportunity to win public support in the mungiki strong holds and they have totally blown it. No one is claiming to be security experts…you dont need an expert to see the stupidity of this operation. There is a show of strength, and there is a show of force. Unfortunatly the police have shown force as opposed to the latter.The phrase ‘winning the battle, loosing the war’ comes to mind. You dont show up in truck loads guns blazing and expect to have any long lasting success.

The photos are just disturbing, bleeding women with children caught in the melee and harmless people being assaulted by the police in the glaring eyes of cameras. We need to take a critical look at this situation before it spirals out of control. It doesn’t make things right when the same people who were exploited by mungiki now are getting brutal beatings from the police on a daily basis.
we’re looking at a bad situation either way. The idea of negotiating with mungiki may not be the best to many of us including me, but I don’t think all the young men arrested are mungiki members. It’s also very unlikely that the leaders of the sect have been caught in the operation. This could be case of the police killing too many pawns and letting the generals go.

And it doesn’t make sense that the police only reacted when two of their own were felled. Another question also pops up. Why is the operation focused on Mathare yet mungiki have done worse stuff in Central Province including Othaya? Are we looking at a situation where the government is choosing to punish the poor people of mathare and sparing the others? Will the operation eventually move to Othaya? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t wish any innocent person the wrath of our brutal police but what message is this operation supposed to send? Are the mungiki in Central Province supposed to cease after witnessing the operation in Mathare?

This operation also seems very disorganized, police beating everybody in sight, forcing residents to demolish their dwelling places, raiding shops and eating food for free…
as much I sympathise with innocent wananchi who got caught up in this Mungiki it’s tough for security forces who’re a target of this madness. we might have reservations against our police force because of past regime misuse, but they have demostrated extreme professionalism in clear line of danger. man of them have paid the ultimate price — but they responded with proportionate force, for the greater good of the nation.

The Odm group has made a proposal for the gorvennment to negotiate with Mungiki. SURELY it ok for the govt to negotiate withTHUGS? What is ODM telling us? that we should actually sit together and accept to their demands, to circumsize our women and other such other barbarious things? Is’nt ODM showing us how unimaginative they are.?????

I would rather Go with Michuki any day.We cannot afford to negotiate with these scum,or can we.with such can we entrust ODM with our security if any time there is a group of thugs, they will want to call them for a forum as if they are not commiting a grave crime against humanity.