1. Nothing much has changed except better govt delivery and better economy .everything else is the same . You will not need a guide in downtown nairobi. mats of westlands are still 23 ,to Daggorreti they still are number 102 .So dont go asking ati number 11 ni za wapi they are still for south B /C and yes 33’s still go to embakasi

.2- Dont go flashing your $$$.You will be surprised that there are young guys in jamhuri doing really well and that you are coming from stato means nothing to them. I know some guys who got jobs that By all standards kenyan or stato ,they are big rollers and can burn 6-10 k per weekend… can you afford that?

3 -Dont go sleeping around HIV is real

.4 Be Aware of mungiki Its not a joke its real and they dont care if you just landed from New York.They will chop off your gonads and the next day on eastandard.net the headlines will read “—US based kenyans’ testicles cut off by Mungiki –” be wary of your company and surroundings.

5 – Avoid floss mode and many lies . Dont go feeling hot for everyone in the block. People in jamhuri know what kind of jobs “we” all do or have done to get those Benjamin’s .So if I was you , just keep a low profile, and keep off the floss lane.

6 – Dont land JKIA with all this sagging jeans bling and big ass shades .You look ridiculous and especially if you are of age + 26 going up .Be smartly dressed and relax on madoido mob .No one will be overly Impressed.Put your musical gadgets far away.

7 – Dont go Twenging for everyone. Nothing is as irritating as listening to a person forcing the Twang . Just be yourself of course except those ones which you can’t avoid e.g.

8 .Be sensible . Dont go spending extravagantly . If you dont have a car in Nairobi , Use a matatu .This business of a taxi for Ksh 3,000 – 4,000/ day just does not cut it. Its pure waste of money .

9 .Remember the bills of Uncle Sam await you in stateside and he does not forgive nor forget.

I lOVE nairobi regardless!!!!!!!!