Why is that you get the girl you just don’t want and you never get the girl you really want? the probo is I penda one chile. and I know she pendas me too but just will not hook up with me and gives me that vybe of ati we are great friends..and sijui I don’t want to ruin our great friendship (WTF?) maaaam you hurt my balls when you say that…

ok now marriage so there is this chic Am thinking of crossing the bridge with… ok she look real nice..nice , great looks I know she pendas me but I have a lot of questions my man ….

1 Does she like me just because I am a ka “successful” jamaa as in do you penda me for me of me for the “$$$’s ” take NOTE of the ” ” cuz I am not successful at all am just an evarage joe paying uncle sams bills nothing else….

2 -Do inter-community marriages last? I Know this is stupid question but a times I wonder… what will happen when love and $$$ runs out… will she run to her relatives in machakos and sema that the last chief of Kapcheptorio has gone broke?

3 – Education means zero when it comes to dating but I rather a chick who likes me for me and not me for my education and so called earning potential cuz the day that earning capacity ends or fails to take off she will be gone too… big swali si what about wifey ??Does education levels of wifey to be matter? Well what will happen in future? Will the different academic credentials become a challenge?

4 Are you that chikkka that makes me wanna take you to my mama house? kinda girl I wanna chew all over that bubble gum ? are you gonna direct me like traffic ?? do you have the aquifina that make the boys wanna wife you?

4 Is it too early to think of marrying?? When do you say yes I am ready for the big leap…?


I am very disappointed with you. I just hope what I heard about you is not true because everyone is talking about it. If the rumor is true, please, please, for your sake, just do something about your tainted image, and change for the better. Now, tell me, is it true what people are saying, DO YOU REALLY BATH NAKED?