ok so paris was released. yes They said so in CNN…

ok look at this picture carefully ..

1.Is that a black man’s arm streching out seeking paris hilton ? IF you was holding a paparazzi camera.. maybe i would understand .. but reaching your hand like a metrosexual…. nimekataaa.. my man …..!

2. Is that a a nyeuthi showing his white teeth next to paris ? (nyeuthis dont grin at blondes bana !)

ok I know its gay to blog about a paris .dont blame me all channels mpaka hata ESPN talked about this one hieress … but haaii those nyeuthi’s spoil the image of all black men .. I would understand if they were 15 year olds -18 olds… i could say they got raised in a white neighbourhood and still not sure of themselves BUT grown ass nyeuthi men acting all excited infront of a blonde…. what happened to the madingo warrior ?>