as young children we learned why we shouldn’t ask for what we wanted. The looks and actions of those in authority clearly gave us the message that we were selfish for asking. Or we were openly told that asking was bad, wrong, or inappropriate in some way.

We’ve all heard these messages: money doesn’t grow on trees, don’t rock the boat, , there’s not enough to go around, or you should just be thankful for what you have. There were any number of these messages that taught us we live in a world of scarcity, we can never get what we really want, and we better just be happy with what we can get. And we learned it can be risky to ask for more than you have.

The problem with settling for less than what we really want is that it can lead to a sense of confusion, frustration, and dissatisfaction, not only for the people who limit themselves, but also for the people in their life who live with their dissatisfaction…

my point is I date a chick that I dont really feel like I Wanna grow old with ….you know settle down with( kwanza who said i want to settle down?? )and thenI dont know how to end it or how to end it without much fuss..or worse if ending it is a good reason at all cuz this is a long term thingie……and thats why this ka-song comes handy Tracy chapman ‘s -give me one reason …

often wananchi settle for what they think they can get instead of going for the best in those important areas of their life… often you see people plodding along in their jobs, relationships, or places to live so that it’s obvious they don’t enjoy what they have, or how often do you see people stop short of the little pleasures they really want by settling for things that are “good enough?”

There are a couple of reasons anyone settle for less. Usually it’s either out of fear or because they are disconnected from their values.

When it’s fear it can be: fear of failure, fear of loss of acceptance, fear of the unknown, or the big one: fear being disappointed. Fear often leaves people cynical and resigned that things could ever be better, and doubtful that they can have what they truly want. But recognizing that you’ve become cynical can be a good thing.

as Parting shot… this song is one of my greatest Oldies .from back in the 90’s… reminds me of jimmy gathu when he used to spot curled/treated hair and used to present Rythmix ,Jam a Delic on KTN … introducing . Tevin Campbell 1993 -Can we talk – Old school 4-life.