You see my ka office /cube is right next to some help desk agents ….as in guys who support the clients that me and my odiero work mate within our department spend my day and night analyzing,re- design and implementing most of their systems and operations ….blah in short we carry out totally distinct functions despite our close proximity …. For months we have asked for relocation to the 12th floor but this so called Vice-president operations and sijui head of technical services keep saying 12th floor is for the servers and the control room… nways so its Monday morning you know the way weekend hangovers .. Check in … so there is this one floor agent that really gets into my nerves… first the dude is so loud …I feel like smacking the hell out of him. Then secondly and no offense to anyone … the dude is the biggest human being I’ve even seen in this building. Am like kwani is he trying to compensate for his overweight status by been loud??? Arrgggh …. And he will wonder why if come next month You hear that he has his balls relocated to go sit na hukos to… next to the coffee machine /bathrooms/ and worse taken 4 floors down to facilities …and printing … damn am tired of hearing the dudes voice at “ Thank you for calling Philips North America support Group .. This is …blah… May have you first and last name please….. …. “