One of my best friends in college while in Kenya Died while undergoing abortion in 2005 this is her story.

Her death was a painful story that it is painful to even say it. she would sometimes come to Nairobi from machakos and spend days with us since we were friends. The last I physically saw her was in July after her dad’s funeral, she came digs around 12.30 pm and told me to stick around she was going to see a friend of hers sides of Ngara. she went and came back around 5.30pm then i took her Tao to meet some guy friend of hers…we ended up going out the next day we went back digs she picked her things and left for machakos. That was in July . Then immediately afterwards, me I came to states..

The whole of 20O4 passed with the basic communication going back and forth .

In Jan 05 she sms’d me and semad she was opening college the Next week and she is going to register for classes. But ,when she’s sure .After that nothing, I sms’d her, wrote email which she never replied. nway one day , my other Pal sms’es me, asks if i ve heard what has happened to my pal, ati she’s dead. I tried to call her – mteja, the bro – voice mail. Nway so the whole night i call guys trying to get some one to confirm

Apparently ,Ati the week b4 she left home she had semad she has gone to see a friend of hers in machakos also who has just gotten a kid. Then the next week on Wednesday, someone calls her cuzo who packs in Buru and tells her ati she is admitted in Kenyatta in ICU The cuzo calls , the chick’s aunty works in KNH so she could check whatssup . she goes ICU looks around nothing! The person calls again semas no it was not ICU its HDU (high dependency unit). The person was asked to identify herself, she semas her name is so and so. So the aunty goes to HDU and patas that the chick had been admitted but had passed away and was in the mortuary, since when? Saturday 28th of February, mark you this is on Thursday 3rd of March. Therefore, the files that she was admitted with say ati she was rushed to KNH by a clinic in pangani unconscious. She was losing a lot of blood ati they were complications of labor, ati a pregnancy of 36wks (that 9mnths). According to what I was told, the nurses there sema the files looked shoddily prepared, coz anyway a pregnancy of nine months, anyone could have seen. So in conclusion its must have been a flush gone wrong. The painful part is that she was admitted in KNH… unconscious for two days, the person who called knew and still after she even passed away she still waited till Wednesday b4 reporting to anyone. In addition, there were ati two jamaas who went to see here when she was admitted and nobody said a thing.

A postmortem was done on the following Friday so that a police report can be made and the case fuatiliwad after the funeral which was on Sato . the person who called never left a number so as you can guess where they start. It was apparently, there is a friend of hers from machakos who knew she was pregnant, she had even asked her if she knew somewhere she could flush from, and we suspect that is the chick who directed her and even called to say she was in hospital. However, the chick never showed her face yet and her mum claims she does not have her number. Therefore, she had to be tafutwad. again……………

a young precious girl’s life went just like that ! just because she wanted to abort so that she could lead a normal life of clearing school like everyone, and be socially or morally correct in the eyes of society…

What haunts me the most is that the day before I flew out I was meant to meet her in downtown Nairobi somewhere in kenyatta avenue( (simmers restaurant ) but I instead lied to her and said I was not anywhere close to CBD yet I was along kenyatta avenue .so she eventually finished her drink after waiting for 1/2 an hours went back to her pals digs .

R.I.P N M…

Does God loves this child ?Does God love this child deep inside of you.?