Anyone infected by RAILA virus ama its only my comp?, the way I see poses more damage than I intially thought. Still with an updated MacAfee, and Karpesky seems bogus to the raila virus. It is forcing me to Almost format my C drive.!This virus is written by Agwambonistas to simulate a specific action on your workstation which could range from trying to extract some information from your PC to just causing a mere nuisance by interchanging the mouse co-ordinates using a loop on a system DLL posing as a daemon interface to the hardware bus controlling the pointing device.

To everyone who is worried about the Raila virus. I tried anti-virus called e-scan, waste of time. Good news is Norton and McAfee Anti-Viruses now recognize the virus, as a Raila Trojan actually. So just, install your updates and clean up your registry your good to go.

This is how you do it:

The Raila virus is not easy to remove. The best anti-virus to use is SYMANTEC ( Uhuru version) or NORTON( The KALONZO version ) with updates at least for last month (June 2007).After running the anti-virus preferably in safe mode… go to the Registry (Run ::: regedit: and go to H_keys::software:::microsoft:::windows::: current versions::: run::: then delete the default entry… it has a dot .exe (Raila Odinga.exe) Then also check at the drivers’ folder at windows\system32\drivers… for a word like document named smss.exe… that will rid the virus forever. What Moi MacAfee and Karpasky kabaki does is just delete it only but not all files especially the one at the registry and temporary folder plus the ones at the driver’s folder.

For along term solution for this RAILA virus .. You need to invest in a heavy duty Anti-Spyware program e.g GUMO Antispyware and some of them are free online such as SpyBot RUTO as well as an antivirus such as AVG MICHUKI and do not just install but run it periodically to scan your PC and perform quarantine and system recovery thern also perform update to the software constantly to acquire the latest patches since new viruses and malware come around every now and then ..DONT Attempt to run a MUNGIKI antispyware it actually worsen the virus due to clashing registry function So I repeat do NOT!

Now marafiki zanguni there is new one KIBAKI TOSHA virus. my friends This is a real headache anybody with ideas of how to remove it? Anyone know how to get rid of this thing… its making my comp slow down and then there comes those annoying pop upsNot to mention restarting at will… now those who recommend NORTON (ODM version) Pl try to be distinct on the process followed to remove the menace. Is there any other tool that can cleanse the KIBAKI TOSHA Virus? Like in case of DANTOROITICH virus (dec 2002)? Where a tool could be downloaded from the net and used mercilessly?

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