so ..3types of crazy with all her self decided that this kichwa maji called kip needs to be tagged……. pumbavu kabisa.!…nways sasa ati i andika 8 things… suppose I Have 4 things what it do ?nways for the love of mankind and continuity of the human race wacha I andika…. this manenos down before I check in for my 7 coronas….!

1-We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2-Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3-People who are tagged need to write their own blog about
their eight things and post these rules.
4-At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
5-Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog

. sasa I will start wapi ..

1-ok I know I will make thao enemies with the mamas in the building but why lie.I have little enthusiasm for much of the so-called feminist debates. Beyond being a strategy for fundraising and cheap publicity, or a sick determination to appear “modern,” it is not good to always cast the woman as the victim in some simplistic presentation of our world as always constituting a contest of the sexes! Kweli rongo …in the immortal words of one of Baltimore’s finest poets, Earl Simmons (u might know him as DMX)
Give the dog a bone (read punani.)
Leave the dog alone (don’t whine)
Let the dog roam (wacha akule balanced diet (variety)
and he’ll find his way home!

.. find more DMX’s wise words. here

2 –masomo manenos… now this is where the going gets tough….I will be going back this coming fall for but this time not in my field. Probably a masters in Finance with emphasis in engineering management. I been flirting with the Idea of doing aka permanent head damage but that is only if I get scholarship that covers my cost of living for 2-3 years. Well for now, I will be content with going in for one more ka simple useless..stint in school

3- As for my mtaaani I dont really penda my current state or city …I planned to move out of state by end of this year But job commitments makes it looks like am going to be around for another 1 year but if I get a job in Washington DC /NY/PA/MA I Will definitely move as long as the pay is commensurate with my current pay factoring the increased cost of living in the North.

4- Career . got me aka job in a field that Ive spent eight college years in. ..I completely dislike the 8-5 deal. However, am stuck on it…. i jifanya ati i angalia ama an Engineer overseeing  the company’s canadanian operations (systems ) and India (outsourcing) office and a few other clients’systems locally in 3 southern states (georgia, missippi and alabama)……. trust me its been a rough barabara to wakilisha here…and it does not help if you are nyeuthi with a funny accent…

5 –matters of Love..: Am thinking seriously about marriage but that is a scary subject .I Fear commitment. I have extremely perfected the act of Making chics assume or believe that am involved with them but me aint’.however I Got this one chick that is sort off officially wifey to be .I like her Because she is real and I know she likes me for me ..I think there need to be more than just ass and breasts to a chick.

6 -me and Kenyan politics ,,well mungiki gets on my nerves ..I can state with certainty that Kibaki will be re-elected. His management style provides a slight and welcome departure from his predecessors the entire leadership class in today’s Kenya is tainted with the selfish desires that have plugged this country further into abject poverty. If you look at the line-ups in ODM and Narc Kenya, these people have served in the previous evil governments and have enriched themselves immensely at the cost of the average Kenyan. For them to lie to Kenyans that they possess the answer to our dreams and aspirations is ridiculous.

7 –Phobias hmmm I am Worried of been carjacked. So I avoid shadowy places night or day .my friend was car-jacked a short while ago while fueling. I am also scared of been disabled. I Know this family whom the wife got disabled or immobile yet she had everything in her life going perfect It was one real life lesson that money, wealth , social status ,looks and all this superficial things we wory about means nothing when fate and nature comes knocking . I am genuinely scared of been disabled and this one case made my buy disability insurance that covers me till age of 65 and hopefully then, social security will kick in

8 -I like been underrated. Its funny to I see someone trying to paint himself/herself as greater than everyone only for that person to realize that people got their stuff locked but they do not talk about it. Nways overall, on a scale of 1-10, I can say maybe I am 3/10… Most people I deal with have a perception that i am actually a retard and lord I Like that! The under dog role.

9 -I LOVE RUGBY and FOOTBALL!!!!!!!! Yes am dying for the NFL preseason games kicking off in august and I must admit that I drive in the freeway listening to this ..ndombolo
and when I feel like touching base with miro stuff.. I go for dj john now thats back to nairobi in a minute and when I want touch base with roots you will find me listening to Katau Banda now that takes me to kabartonjo…

The views expressed on this post do not necessarily reflect those of the blogger or his household .The lord is still the unseen guest in this home , nor do his opinions necessarily reflect his mental capacity and state of mind.

ok wheres is the remote control …. ESPN awaits thee