I came to Moi’s aid when the Government wanted to take away his houses and sue him over Goldenberg during my days as the Minister for Roads.”

Those are the words of a Raila Amolo Odinga. Yes the man who promises us that he will make sure that no stone will be left unturned until all the corrupt people are brought to book should he become Kenya’s 4th president. Here he is telling us that he used his position as Minister for Public Works, Roads and Housing to protect Moi’s House! He is also proud to tell us that he protected Baba Moi from facing prosecution over GOLDENBERG! Looks like we have a new definition of corruption

we sip the euphoria being served by ODM, let us do it with caution. These goons are pretending to be pro democracy, pro-justice and anti-corruption but their actions are no different from those of their friends in Narc. The culture of Ngo slow (as Githongo paraphrased Kiraitu) is here to stay as long as we keep on recyling the same faces who owe favors to each other.

They say actions speak louder than words. In this case Raila’s action of protecting corruption tells us a lot about his words that he will fight corruption. Be cautious with this breed of demagogues. They are out to protect their own interests and not yours.

Raila: “When you see Raila, you see a leader who stands for the truth. I can be compared to Mandela, Galileo Galilei and Jesus.”

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why lie It is shocking for a future president to be arrogant enough to compare himself with God.When Jesus was on earth, He did not brag about being the son of God. He never rode on the chariots –the era’s Hummers. The bible told us that Jesus rode a donkey to Jerusalem. As God, Jesus had the powers to say let there be white horses and a golden chariot but he did not.

Chema cha jiuza, kibaya cha jitembeza. Raila should not go around blowing his own trumpet .Raila i guess you will never read this but I would like you to listen to this open the eyes of my heart maybe you will suceed to be president of kenya one day ..