When I moved from jamhuri the likes of werason,diblo and wenge were ruling the streets. been out of touch with lingala for years to me is ndombolo still the dance routine. nothing beats akinyi josephine as she shakes her moneymaker to the beat of ndombolo .. its those times that you cannot afford to blink ..for fear of missing out.

I still think Soukouss was the best style ever in lingala. Kibinda Nkoi only Koffi played it mzuri and was very shortlived. Ndombolo, again only koffi, longomba, wenge and extra musica brought it down as it should. Some guys totally screwed it u felt like turning off the radio!

reminds me of 2001
location :simmers restaurant KE
intoxication Index >0.08 BAC (blood alchohol content )

koffie olomide rogas wananchi loi