For kenyans so loved money….that they threw away caution to the wind and let greed get into them .HONESTLY I dont mind them having beat the system to make Quick buck . What I have a problem is why they stayed too long in the crime scene!! I think after hitting some relatively good cash e.g $ $500,000 Per person in the mix . They should have bailed out and convert the dirty money into good money. move out of state andhave a clean start. Instead Greed for more pushed them to their ultimate bust.



1. The grand jury hereby repeats and realleges each and every allegation contained
in paragraph 1 through 5 of the Introduction to this Indictment.

2. Defendants Gitita ,Kamau, Kangara, Mutavi, Ndubai, Njagi,Nyemba, Nyumu, Nzongi, Ogega, Sila, Somba and Wavinya, were each born outside of the United States, believed by the Grand Jury to be in Kenya or another African nation,and have personal, family, or other ties to each other. Defendant Wavinya worked for H&RBlock in Kansas City, Missouri, from November 2002 to April 2003 as a tax preparer. In
January 2004, through April 2005,Wavinya worked as a private tax preparer. Defendants Gitita ,Kamau, Kangara, Mutavi, Ndubai, Njagi,Nyemba, and Wavinya, at least, worked in Kansas City-area nursing homes or hospitals. In the course of their employment, they had access to patient identity information, which was later used in the conspiracy. Defendants Somba and Mutavi at least, recruited other persons to assist in various roles in the conspiracy, as described below.

AM just wondering out aloud …………………………….. kwani

Is U.S. Attorney John F. Wood of the Western District of Missouri seeking to PROSECUTE suspected criminals or is he seeking to PERSECUTE Kenyans? The allegations in the indictments do not represent a Kenyan tax fraud! Even if the allegations in the indictments are true, Kenya is not responsible for the alleged
criminal activity. On what basis does a U.S. District Attorney conclude that alleged criminal activity by 17 people constitute an alleged criminal activity by a
nation of over 32 million people? When abused, prosecutorial discretion becomes prosecutorial arbitrariness that may turn the prosecutor into a persecutor.

By calling this incident a ‘Kenyan Tax Fraud’, Mr. Wood has misled the U.S. public and the international community. This constitutes manifest injustice to all
Kenyans. Look at the chart to his right above . For what purpose is the Kenyan flag on the chart? If five Americans are alleged to be part of the alleged conspiracy, then why is the american flag not on the chart? If Mr. Wood’s
office is working with officials in Kenya to try and find the defendants who have not been accounted for as The Associated Press reports, then why should Kenya as a nation be portrayed as part of the alleged conspiracy? ??????

more charges…


3. From on or about February 2, 2005, and continuing until the date of the
Indictment, in the Western District of Missouri and elsewhere, Jeanette Alexander, Michael Anderson, Mary Gitiha, Karingithi Gotonga Kamau, Ernest Kangara, Rashira
Lewis, Aaron Mutavi, Moses Ndubai, Kenneth Njagi, Bernard Nyemba, Paul
Nyumu, Lillian Nzongi, Vincent Ogega, Edwin Sila, Ervin Somba, Loretta
Wavinya, And Parker Willingham, defendants herein, with other persons known and
unknown to the Grand Jury, knowingly and willfully conspired and agreed together and with each other and others to commit and to conceal offenses against the United States, that is, to defraud the United States for the purpose of impeding, impairing, obstructing, and defeating the lawful government functions of the Internal Revenue Service of the Department of the Treasury in the ascertainment, computation, assessment, and collection of the revenue: to wit, income
taxes; and to commit the crime of wire fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1343.

4. It was part of the conspiracy and in furtherance of it, that conspirators stole
identity information, from, among others, elderly assisted residential care facility patients and other health care patients. The conspirators then used the identity information, including names and Social Security Numbers, to prepare both federal and state tax returns using tax preparation software, such as TaxWorks or TaxSlayer. The conspirators prepared false W-2 information, listing employers that the identity theft victims never worked for, false residence addresses, and
other false information. The tax information on the returns was entirely fictitious.

5. The conspirators filed these tax returns electronically through public internet “hot spots,” such as coffee shops or restaurants, and through unsecured wireless networks maintained by private individuals with no connection to the conspiracy, for the purpose of obscuring the true identity of the filer. The conspirators often paid the filing fees with credit cards or loadable debit
cards opened in identity theft victim’s names. The false tax information entered for income and withholdings on the returns was inflated to generate federal refund claims in the range of $4,000 to $47,000. The conspirators also submitted false returns to state taxing agencies, typically in conjunction with federal returns, to generate claims in the range of $1,500 to $20,000 per return. The conspirators often filed multiple state tax returns in conjunction with a single federal tax
return. The conspirators electronically filed most of the claims from locations in the Western District of Missouri, as well as from Johnson County, Kansas, and Nairobi, Kenya. Mail related to the returns and credit cards was sent to commercial mail receiving agencies (CMRA) boxes across Kansas City. The conspirators often used “runners” to pick up this mail in order to conceal their own identities.

6. The conspirators opened or caused to be opened numerous bank accounts in
Kansas City, Missouri, and elsewhere, specifically for the purpose of receiving electronic fund transfers of refund payments from federal and state taxing authorities. Shortly after a refund payment was wired into an account, the conspirators used runners to help the conspirators withdraw the money. The conspirators wrote checks to the runners in amounts less than $10,000 and drove the runners from bank to bank to cash the checks until the accounts were either
depleted, or until the bank or the IRS detected the fraud and froze the account. The runners provided the withdrawn funds back to the conspirators and received a small payment for their services.

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unfortunately crime leads to only one bad and unwanted destination i.e prison

seekth solace in Don moen’s inspiring words