I witnessed something this evening that really amused me.It left me thinking… some of these Brothers gotta’ step their game up.I was in line at a 7-11 and I was a few people behind this young Brother that was buying some sodas and snacks. He was about 20, with a head full of long twists. And, he had on Tweety Bird underwear. How do I know? Well, because his pants were hanging half off his ass, weighted down by his two cellphones.I noticed this young woman, a little younger looking than him had tossed a soda and some cookies on the counter in front of him. The register guy bagged their snacks up and the dude with the drooping pants picked up the bags and quickly walked out of the store. I was puzzled because he didn’t pay for anything.
Without missing a step, the young girl pulled out her wallet and swiped her credit card to pay for their food.

I was instantly drawn back to a conversation I had with a female friend of mine a few weeks ago…My friend was telling me about her girlfriend who has this deadbeat boyfriend, we’ll call him Ole Sunkuli*. He always boasts about how he’s the man and he handles his business, but when they go out at night SHE always pays. There have been numerous times when she has literally reached in her purse and slipped Ole Sunkuli* cash under the table, so that it appears to anyone around that HE is the one paying for dinner, not her. On those occasions when they are not close enough for the slip-job, once the bill comes, ole sunkuli* gets up and leaves the restaurant. He physically walks away from everyone at the table and waits outside the building – and he is not getting up for a quick smoke. He leaves because he is too big a man [in his eyes] to be seen having a woman pay for his meal. He is too proud to appear to have a woman covering his expenses. Yet, this is the case.

I think the same holds true for this Brother I saw earlier this jionis . He was too proud to be seen having his woman paying for $12 in sodas and cookies.Now, I thought for a moment – that anything could have happened earlier in the day. He could have spent $500 on his lady for all I know… but you know why that doesn’t make sense to me? Because, HE WALKED OUT. Why walk out? Why act so proud? Or, why act so shamed? If you are handling your business and your lady is paying for something – be man enough to stay and stand there by her side. Don’t act ashamed.I think he knew his game was lame, just like Ole Sunkuli, above.Now, there’s no real big deal with a woman that makes more than a man – that happens. And, there’s no big deal with women and men taking turns sometimes covering expenses.

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