I am on my way out of town just for some B.S That some jungu somewhere thinks I need to be in the loop about .. so nways me and my makendes are sitted here in aka local airport DAL waiting for a ka flight .sijui kuna delays becuase of sijui Airport Security Alerts and am like heck. cant a black man blog from the terminal . if he can get aka hot spot?

you guys kumbuka Recently, june 07 ama early july 07 . the NAACP had a big funeral service for The N-word. I thought that was a nice thing to do, seeing that I personally hate the damn word! I always think that the NAACP needs to do more things to regain its position of promenance in the Black community, and I thought this was a decent start. Burying the N-Word. Now this is probably only going to stop a tiny handful of Black folks from using the word, and frankly, those of us that are enlightened and intelligent enough to know that the word is a filthy, self loathing, shameful, pathetic, flaming hot brand on the spirit of our race… we’ve already buried it years ago.But then you’ll still have far far too many young Blacks that aren’t smart or strong enough to eliminate the word from their vocabulary and mindset.

To be honest, burying the N-word was cute… but what we need to do as a race, especially with certain members of Our Race, is eliminate the N – Mentality. The N Mindset! That is where the Real harm lies – in those men and women who are ego driven and only think of themselves. Who don’t care about their children, their parents, or their very own legacy. Those men and women, who care nothing of law and order, nothing about respect for others, older people, younger people – no one! Those thugs and hoodlums who live only to steal, shoot, rob and kill. That N-Mindset is what we have to eliminate . That is the REAL problem!

I really say this today because a about 1 month ago I went the south side of dallas its called oakcliff to buy some stuff that can only be found cheap in black neigbourhoods.. this ka poor part of this marvelous metroplex called DFW has truly fallen into a violent, poorly managed, poorly educated, drug haven part of city. It makes me sad. Anyway… I found myself heading west down a large street and I could hear what sounded like a loud music in the distance. The only problem was that it was getting louder very quickly as I approached a green light at a fairly busy intersection. When I was about 30 feet from the intersection, this man… a Black guy in his 20’s or 30’s wearing a tank-top… the nyeuthi came flying through the intersection on this huge SUV causing several cars to slam on their brakes. First – he ran a red light, Second – , Third – the intersection was very busy, and Fourth – I don’t think he even slowed down to try and avoid causing an accident. It is this kind of ignorant, thoughtless, thugish, primative, egotistic behavior that makes the N-Mindset far worse than the N-Word alone. .

A child asked, What is a nigger?
Dr. Cornel West replied, “He’s a human being who is scared and without dignity.”

Do you disagree ?.

this is some great stuf.. from kitambos I Can see clearly now