I have to face a harsh reality.
The fight of my life is upon me.
I discovered it today afternoon .
“okay” was the best my mind could muster.

What is my fight?What is it I am afraid of facing?

I am having problems with my VPN connection from home to my company’s nework via VPN ..There, I said it. I’m having problems connecting to the Internet and its NOT funny at all.!

So I go out of town for 2 days.. come back and I did not bother log in to jobo cuz i assumed all was well .then today I fika home afternoon and Iam like ebu i check something in the ka network and bam ERROR ati …….

This webifyer Will NOT allow to connect your local client application to a server on a corporate LAN via https tunneled through the FirePass box. The remote IP:port pairs will be mapped to local pairs .please check your network and try again………….


I Can get online, thats not the problem its VPN’ing to work thats f-ed up and when i call jobo they sema its a problem in my end becuase network yao is in shape… so its my end .

What makes me so terrified is this :

– There are four companies that are involved with this problem. Time warner, my service provider. VERIZON, whose phone lines leases to provide me my DSL. linksys, who makes my wireless router. And, DELL, who makes my laptop. I am afraid that I am going to have to call all four of them for help and in the past I have had the most awful technical assistance from all four of them.

-TIME WARNER always sends me to Crazy english speaking Indian tech people. Now, I’m not knocking the Indians who are just working to support themselves and their families – on the American dollar. but maze I do happen to dislike the companies that take thousands of jobs from Americans and send them overseas just to fatten their own bottom line… .but that’s post for another time. and I really hope my bosses dont ever get to read this becuase I would get fired for I dont believe in what they tell us everyday in those meetings..reason: I am the engineer in charge of the companies overseas systems (operations) i.e Canada and India and one of my core jobs is to identify the problem with them e.g it the TELCO switch , ama canadian hub router ama its the CLARIFY system in place… nways i Should be the last person to critisize indians but haiiii .. my boss needs to understand its not very easy to understand what those guys are saying half the time ..even though I also shrub excess. I do it because of a paycheck not becuase I would die for this company hell no!

-VERIZON – just throws their hands up in the air immediately and says… “Call TIME WARNER !”

-LINKSYS – is simply pathetic! When I first bought my Linksys router, it took me days to get it to work! Between them and TIME WARNER, I was passed around faster than a hooker at a Busta’ Rhymes party! When it was all said and done and after hours of wasted time with tech support – I ended up fixing the problem myself by pure experimentation!

-DELL – don’t get me started with DELL. They too like to send me to India where I have to pay several dollars a minute to struggle to understand a guy named Sanjii – who prefers to be called ‘Randy.’ I’m extra pissed with DELL because now that my limited warranty has expired with them, I can no longer E-Mail or Chat with them when I need technical help. Instead I have to either read their useless FAQS or PAY to talk to Sanjii. aka Randy..

I know it’s a problem with port mapping but I can’t pinpoint the actual ports that should be used. But from the basics, I know that the VPN server is behind the router but my question is where will the Port Mapping need to be done ?the router, server Ama laptop’s remote acess BOB? And then what is the standard port used? I’ve googled but I can’t pata a solution….. I have tried to configure the router for different inbuilt ports but guess what. These ports will have to be forwarded to the VPN server’s IP and that’s the problem. The file get’s stuck at verifying network and goes no further. ( IP confict ama? ) Sometimes after 10 tries it connects but only partially . I cannot view shared files on the network in order to map a network drive to the tool I need to access.

I think I’m completely screwed

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