you see i got this pollsstar on the right of this ka blog <==== and ok First i was like let me see what just aka small sample size of kenyans think and more so becuase most (if not all) bloggers tend to be less tribalistic or rather are more principle driven rather than village level politics.. nways my biggest suprise is that raila some how has aka big and true folllowing.. i jua its not scientific ( atleast you cant vote twice !!)but my question is .do kenyans really support raila that much? I DONT have any issue with raila at all other than critisizing his ways … its been a minute in jamhuri and am prolly out of touch with politics manenos in ground so maybe kuna vile … I dont jua sh *tt all the same raila i got swalis for you … about one or two things

your ka working relation with kalonzo…

Now that kalonzo has defected…atleast for now ….I have feeling that it will be a repeat of matiba and jaramogi in 1992 in FORD will raila swallow his pride or political ambitions if he is not chosen as ODM Flag bearer . is ODM unity a mirage that is only seen at the horizons?

ODM and meaningless Ultimatums WHY?

the only way that ODM can beat this administration, is to keep having one ultimatum after another, rallies and demonstrations of all manner…the reason being, to portray the got as anti-democratic and tribal…this propaganda worked during the referendum, but will it work this time around? Considering all the obvious improvements that were not so obvious during the referendum…

NSE And Drug Money and Investments

In a clear departure from his critical anti-government stance on such trips abroad, raila told the audience at the Minnesota State University, that there are numerous opportunities for potential investors in Kenya The fact that Raila has lied over & over again is no secret, and is a matter of serious concern to Kenyans. The fact that he has made reckless statements detrimental to our economy is another well documented fact. When now he tries to change the tune, and play a responsible leader, that makes him a hypocrite. It’s just the other day you was saying in front of a mainly foreign audience in Canada/ UK how much NSE upward trading activities are fuelled by drug money what evidence do you have to prove NSE was fueled by drug money?

On power sharing agreements within ODM

Of what use are all those positions? isn’t ODM headed the very direction that NARC did in 2002.This whole idea of power sharing defeats the reason of a constitution that stipulates what a government is made up of and all Kenyans either agreed or compromised upon. It’s CLEAR that Power sharing agreements done in the small of the night are a corruption of the democratic process; they deny the citizen the fundamental right to make a choice. So, we have leaders waging war on each other and some failing to pay any attention to the needs of the citizen because the mwananchi was an irrelevant entity and not involved in the power allocation decision through a legitimate process (BALLOT BOX)
Nobody wants Kenya to have a president, two vice-presidents, a prime minister and two deputy prime ministers. The age-old adage that too many cooks spoil the broth rings true in such an arrangement. What will the many offices do to improve the well being of Kenyans in the economy, governance and social affairs? The power sharing agreement done between our leaders are out rightly illegalSo What are your opinions as raila Odinga about this power sharing? ?

Kibaki’s Development Record… –Speaks For itself what are Railas Views?

If we were all to be honest, Kibaki’s performance is way above average. He inherited a sick economy, nursed it to health, and now the economy is about to start running. We are finally thinking seriously of weaning ourselves off donor funding that comes with blood tentacles attached, and spearheading development financed internally, or mutually beneficial funding arrangements. What has happened is that for four years Kibaki was quiet working, putting in place policies and structures. The opposition leader was busy holding barazas and rallies unleashing funny metaphorical statements and short stories. Now that Kibaki is highlighting what he has been doing, some of the leaders in ODM find that they have nothing to say except criticism. They did not line up with development partners to fund development projects in their areas like Tuju did. Can people use those stories of broken MOU, sijui Saitoti na mpira to pay fees? Is Kibaki the first man on earth to break an MOU?

My opinion is There is just no way can you minimize Kibaki’s policies no matter how you try. People are feeling it on the ground. Roads that never existed are coming up. Roads that ceased to exist are coming back to life. Farmers get paid on time and at better prices. Tourism is on the up… Corruption is a similar situation – inherited problems you don’t address these problems within four years!…….

“…Wewe raila ni mtu pumbavu acha kuongea kama huna akili, izobiashara za kubishana ni za huko huko kwenu, sio humum humu .hapa tunaangalia utaifa,tena inawezekana wewe sio raisi.. mimi ndio rais! ,hakuna hajaaa kubishanaaaa mtabaki huko huko LDP unazungumza tu kamapumbavu na mtu yeyote anaeongea ujinga kama wako ni pumbavu kabisa…”

What is raila response to kibaki’s development record? Does raila think they have a chance a against a proven success story that kibaki has been? Are Kenyans willing to gamble with that? Remember the saying is a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush!

Raila why cant you and rest of ODM accept the bitter truth ?

Raila ,why is it that ODM leaders cannot admit that your party has simply collapsed. Time is of essence, you will face up to reality when it is very very late, like the ill-fated Rainbow of 2002! Truth is, there is nothing more left. Kalonzo is struggling to take control of ODM and his group has legal back-up, which is a real headache: you can see what ngilu has done to NARC for the last 5 years! Raila and his group will probably have no choice but decamp into another outfit. In essence, this giant called ODM is kwishad kabisa!

The sensible thing would be to get real and begin negotiating with a lot of “give and take” in mind. Here thinks this crowd is giving Kibaki an unopposed ticket to state house later this year! Its getting very juicy and sweet, one wishes the stability, and growth of a whole nation did not depend on this hilarious soap opera, it would be damn interesting!

Finally . From the look of things I think a Raila/ Kibaki contest for the presidency will electrify the nation. I wasn’t so convinced before but I am beginning to get a sense that Kenyans could turn to Raila to be their next president. We will see, it is still a long journey. Anything is possible. But a Raila presidency, which I would hope could give Kenyans a true people’s president is a reality we should be prepared to live with whether we support Raila or not.

while we are at it Bob Marley’s Buffalo soldier really makes the keroro taste better..

have a politics free day .