Kenya’s political ruling elite has enjoyed sufficient uninterrupted stability to firmly entrench itself over the years since independence in 1963. This ruling elite continues to manipulate and exploit tribalism, poverty, ignorance, greed etc, to perpetuate the status quo, the major changes that are needed and everybody expected to take place in how Kenya is ruled did not materialize upon the exit of Moi , drawing the jibe: “The forests keeps changing but the animals are still the same”.

what exists in Kenya is a powerful cartel of thieves and wheeler dealers made up of an amalgamation of Moi era thieves, Kibaki era thieves, The unseen private sector thieves and wannabe thieves whom everyone acknowledges that they have the motivation, power and money to determine who rules Kenya. This amalgamation of thieves has every interest in seeing Kenya remain a disorganized nation with non-functional, disabled and compromised institution. Any order and rule of law would see them in jail. Currently this cartel of crooks feels quit secure with Kibaki in power and would like to see him back in office after election 07. They know Kibaki is compromised and can not lift a finger against any of them since his own ministers and main political allies crucial to his re-election are guilty of the same excess during his and his two predecessors, presidencies. This group of crooks remains above the law in Kenya today.

The forthcoming elections will just be a continuation of a generation of the sitting elite’s offspring and selected former civil service and private sector cronies, almost all of whom are implicated in some past or present corruption scandal or other. immediate examples off my kichwa arethe likes Odinga and mudavadi (jnrs) gideon Moi’s

and of course uhuru the son of Kenyatta .

Today this Kenyan ruling elite sits there arrogantly confident and secure in their current positions and the continued dominance of the status quo. They know the combination of the political parties mess, disabled/compromised institutions, will get the ignorant, poverty stricken and tribal minded Wanjiku totally changanikiwad. with all confidence I can state that ..

The only threat they contemplate is from the machinations of their own colleagues within the same elite across political parties as they jostle for positions and concomitant licenses to loot, perks and privileges. “

my guy ..its not even a ka secret that .Kenyan politics is based on personalities (about 20 persons) not policies, issues or manifestos. Institutions that should wield state power are either deliberately disabled by ineffective laws or compromised by corruption. Parliament as an institution is as good as abdicated to the extent that the 210 MP’s represent 210 Kenyan’s not 30 million . Each tribal chieftain uses his/her tribes numbers to negotiate for his/her own selfish interests and positions for self and cronies …

The only exception to this ring of elite thugs was …one kalonzo Musyoka …and mind you that was kabla he decided that he also needs a kamba party- (LPK) to advance his previously known aclaimed national appeal ( Oxyomoron if you ask me!!) .leading to the question who has more balls Ngilu or kalonzo? by another political blogger kumekucha hmmm BUT the $1Million Question is can he really make an impact against big money thugs? according to my school of thought ,What is killing Kenya is lack of national vision from our leaders. They never want to know what they can do for Kenya. They are only interested on what Kenya can do for them.

It is obvious there is a quagmire in the Kenyan political scene, which needs to be fixed . So, where do we go from here? I honestly DON’T know BUT at least am sure am not expecting anything to change come december 2008 irrespective of whom we elect

As a parting shot. ….The prosperity of kenya as country is in our hands. the young generation .. The democratization of our country is on our hands. the Detribalization of our politics is in our hands…The Question to you is What if a spanner was thrown in the works, from outside, totally turning the tables and blowing to bits the delicate and complex tribal balances, alliances, deals, agreements and tribal voter block mathematics that have been and continue to be painstakingly put together by this so called leaders ?

That spanner is in your hands : The VOTERS CARD and a CONCIOUS mind.