so akina bro and siz went upcountry over weekend I sikia its raining cats and dogs .. na hukos … so the dude sends me this pic of how they got stuck in the mud on sunday when trying to get out .Sasa janas I am like ..when you went down that road didn’t you fikiria that it would be impossible to get out given that its a well tarmacked road (*f&^u%k% !I wish ) ??ama they jua villagers are always at hand to do the pushing ?.. lakini si me and my makendes miss this life of shags and the matopes and all… that . the feel of driving mud is thrilling to say the least . .and thats pengine why i am so wishing I could be the one driving kwa matope( boys will always be boys ) kwanza I miss my childhood…. growing up was fun those days. I recall that we would pack up and travel to the heart of riftvalley over easter just to specifically watch rally cars Get jiggy in mud…

FYI my shags is somewhere in deep RV and I sikia ati the Naivasha -nakuru -kisumu road is so bad they prefer to go towards sijui narok sijui wapis first………least I can danganya one jungu that i live with wild animals……. but seriously isnt jamhuri beautiful? the only ka place where wild animals and humans co-exist bila probos ?


.. Its funny cuz most of my life I grew up very indifferent about shags .. I cared less or should I say I hated anything to deal with shags and anything remotely connected to it Basically grew up a townized dude .The crazy thing is now I have this major liking for anything that points to rural life or related Manenos.

It kind of hard to go back and talk interest rates in wall street , Discuss the fluctuations in the Dow Jones ,NASDAQ while sipping latte mocha or cappucciono in a starbucks somewhere in states when you see such 3rd world quality of life that your own people ( in general ) under go and you’re powerless* ( to an extend) to make any changes

anyone watched blood diamonds – Kumbuka the acronyms TIA – This is Africa? > Yeah this is Africa

wananchi wajienjoi music ….