last week my balls  makendes were in afix . I could not access jobo ‘s network from nyumbanis ,posted  hapas as the fight of my life  nways   after soliciting help from many unknown places like an MP in koinange street I finally decide to go see what the fala wise guys in IT had to say..

So ,Those IT guys uninstalled the drivers for the Router and then restored the IPs That I had mixed up and then in the process of doing so many other trial and error things it appears I configured the settings for SSL 2.0, TLS 1.0, PCT and the likes ,Wrong .such that when the weblifyer connected to the citrix portal. It was interpreted by the security configuration of the VPN to come from an unsecured network despite using the right password and user name .Finally After several attempts, some tool called P-synch (whatever that is ) locked out my network assigned/generated IP.

  Then also they went to the system Logs and the real cause of this problem was registered as—- “IP could not open the registry key for adapter TCPIP\Parameters\Adapters\NDISWANIP. Interfaces on this adapter will not be initialized” ——and the cause of this ati a registry key required for the TCP/IP configuration was missing so they decided to, remove and then reinstall the TCP/IP protocol.

  Another problem they claimed that I  letad  was that when I tried tunneling through HTTP instead of HTTPS , the server took it as an potential attack on the server Depending on the sensitivity of the resources that the user can access or are allowed to access, the server does not allow one to use insecure mode for a browsers that don’t support HTTPS or not configured to Default to HTTPS .  now about the port mapping. I got it all screwed the thing is that the machine is loaded with app tunnels that were designed to let me( the user) access TCP/IP client server applications that would normally not be accessible outside the ka Firewall. Now me and my curious self I messed with the AppTunnels that were originally set and predetermined.

what I was actually supposed to have done was  to map the app tunnels first and then create one for each set of TCP/IP ports that I needed to forward through the server . and I understand in most cases the creator of the software installed in the comp was/is supposed to tell you what TCP/IP ports the program uses and , if there is none preset ( e.g. my routers lack of pre-programmed ports) there Is way to do it by the system admin …so according to those guys . I should not have even touched the ports at all! Because they are configured by the admin Administrator. Even though I still am be able to configure others my self…

phew  at least I can now troubleshoot this thing incase it brings issues in the future .

 hmmm ngoja kwanza ..Now this week  my battle is with the US goverment’s  Social security offfices  sqaurely  even if it means blood been spilt ….mungiki stlye  ( beheading et al ).

so juzis me and my balls  makendes go replace my SSN card and i dont know why they decide to hook me up with one with some big ass words printed : ” Valid for work only with INS authorization ” …

I know am an immigrant  hiyo sikataiiii …..But… such small things really make immigrants mad. and you dont want an angry  nyeuthi  in your offices.!si ujust give me one bila maneno mob like this ..

while at it,this song  brings back  the  memories of the   nightlife  in  nairobi.The club/pub  hopping ,The stealing of zaks gari at the dead of night , javeing on Kboo ,The seasons moments ,the green corner moments , The chiles at “box”  @ UON  hostels  …I cant wait to fika jamhuri in december !!!!