I Hate Mondays. And it is my belief that the vast majority of the world hates Mondays too, yet everyone is so faux chipper and happy on Mondays. Have you ever noticed that within 10 minutes of arriving at work at least 3 people will have said, “Hi (insert your name)! How was your weekend?” Why is it that people ALWAYS want to know about your weekend, but no one asks about Wednesday? When you come into work on Thursday no one ever says “Hi! How was your Wednesday?” Yet everyone is interested in your weekend. And when they ask this age old, cliché, slightly rhetorical question, we usually respond with the same old, cliché, slightly rehearsed answers.


“ Oh you know, just kind of took it easy.”

“ It was great! The weather was beautiful!”

Personally, nimechoka  fake ass  people at work asking about my weekend. because I don’t feel it’s genuine. And if it’s not genuine, then why do it? You know deep down that they could really care less about how you spend your free time, but they are programmed to ask and like little robots we are programmed to answer. This got me to thinking; maybe I should conduct an experiment. The next time someone asks “How was your weekend?” tells them how it really was!

John from accounting: Hi kip! How was your weekend?

Kip: It sucked.  some  other ka Chick  was in town so my balls makendes  were grounded from Friday. I wanted to go kamada pints in Addison but bilas ati she has the new recipe she want to try out I am like B)*&^CH! What did you do?

Steve, the guy in the cube next to ops: Hi kip. How was your weekend?   

 Kip: Not too good. My cable got cut off because this job doesn’t pay enough money to make ends meet. I didn’t have money to go out either so I just sat on the couch drinking chai tea until I got sleepy. What did you do? 

 Mike  from downstairs @ IT: Hey Kip! How was your weekend?

Kip: Muthaf*cka please! You know you don’t give a damn about how my weekend was! I don’t have time for this. I got an hangover to nurse!  Kwanza my weekend….was too much  So I amuad to record it on my cheap ass phone’s-video Thingie.. ( F?%^$)  yeah it ended  with my balls makendes deciding making an impromptu  drive to  houston to  go see some friend who had just fikad hukus from jamhuri … like 1 week ago … this is  how  it was on the way hukos   on the  highway…with some 90’s  song – “get it on tonite”


Tupac (RIP) Always makes my day with   some old school rap….as I sat  below in the ka rain and traffic…  so .. if you have the balls to tell your boss /colleagues the truth of your weekend basi jienjoy ama you simply stick to the plastic /preprogrammed responses that    I will give steve ama john ama anyone… who does not need to know  that I was  nearly  involved in a bar fight @ 4 am sunday morning .. all in the name of Male ego’s running amock..