You know procastination is really such an mbaya thing… so I always wanted to buy the book”– who ate moved my cheese-” and every time my  balls makendes think of doing that ,I move either forget or I fika home and the minute I see sports on the TV . That marks the end of anything else… kwanza now that NFL season is around the corner I can’t wait to see how indiana  and the  new england patriots will handle this season. And obviously if Dallas cowboys will make the big come back after getting wade Philips as new coach.  now kesho is the day that ive waited for since end of last season!!!!!  its pre-season  day 1!!!! and  it could not  get better than a game in  town ….Indianapolis Colts vs. Dallas Cowboys 8PM EST 

 kama wewe is an avid football fan like myself .. then ebu grab a sit becuase the season is finally here!!! maze  kwanza kuna the  4 weeks of NFL preseason games that kicked off with the Hall of Fame Game  this past Sunday, August 5th @ Canton, Ohio and which will maliza  with a pair of games on held on Friday, August 31st, 2007

  now my fellow kenyans …After a stellar NFL Draft and lots of off-season moves,  si this year proves to be the craziest season !

Ok back to the issue of the book.  so   after alot of  procrastination I  finally bought the book like 2 weeks ago to be honest.. .This is the smallest book that I’ve ever read. However, it made me to do a lot of inward thinking. The authors have conveyed a ‘heavy concept’ using a ‘light & simple story’. Is a must to read for anyone who thinks that they are contended with their current life/job it’s got a great story and an excellent message that prepares you for change? I loved the simpleness of the story and the underlying lesson. In my opinion who moved my cheese passes for an insightful or meaningful fable and is in itself a damming indictment of the American corporate culture that most of us are buried into and there seems to be no end to the current setup whereby you go to work Monday through Friday working for someone who can do away with you in a stroke of a pen.

One of the most intriguing things that I got from it is that it had a great way to show that getting in a routine can make someone blind to their surrounds and potentially miss parts of their life. The book is very simple, and is great for a basic life lesson, but what I don’t like about the book is that it focuses just on Haw. It answers the questions one may have about someone who is able to see the changes eventually, but the book does not develop Hem, Sniff or Scurry. To me, to be a complete book, the author would develop all four of the characters, because not all people are like Haw. You have your Sniffs and Scurries, people who are able to rush off without thinking, following their feelings and living their life without analyzing and over analyzing every situation. And you have your Hems, people who are so stubborn that they will stick to their ways and refuse to change their lifestyles, no matter what happens…

it successfuly   simplifies how a person can view and react to change in a complex world. for example  Where I work, our department recently reorganized and even though I now report to  out of   state /city Director (Boston MA, after reading this maneno .i  can state with confidence kabisa now that . its no big deal as what’s the use of spending energy complaining  Yes, many of us feel we have no control over the decisions made by corporate management (the Big Cheese so to speak), but does it really matter? Unless management is corrupt (Enron), then why fight for a cause (stopping change) when it’s enevitable. In addition, the only constant in this world is “change”

 while  taking about books which is not one of my strong areas kwa this maisha… how bout some old school sabrina ..