Jamhuri ..flashback so this the year 2002 ,former prezzo is taking uhuru son of Jomo Around jamhuri trying to sell the dude …

Moi :”Nani haba anaweza gusema ati yeye mwenyewe hana uwezo wa gulinda nchi yetu? kama iko mtu ,wega mgono chuu”

Then kidogo he turns to his right and notices his pal uhuru has his hand up ,Moi  is furious ….

 Moi :” Uhuru wega mgono yago chini!”

Back  To present.. NFL… I wanted to talk about Football season .. ook The other day am talking to this  chick we  happened to be catching  pints with  in a local joint   about the  thrills of football  and she goes like  ( Kwanza with that ka nairobi’s chiles atttitude with hand in the air …)  she semas ” I just don’t understand why someone will kimbizana for a stupid ball,bang on each other and carry that heavy chuma for more than an hour! I find it depressing rather than fun”

bana …I dont know how chicks are wired kwa this dunia but  just from  the way she treats football with such contempt  ..  what is a man to do ?  you see this is why one day  you hear that someone was found murdered and no  murder weapon  was found  and unabaki you wonder why  it happened. ……. its futile to attempt to separate a man from his sports and specifically football..  so  later as the evening  progressed  I adviced my pal  try this out( watching a  game ) and she will never forget the thrill and adrelanine rush that comes with watching a touch down…

 So today  was GAME DAY!!!! I tokad jobo in a hurry cuz I  Could not wait to get to fika nyumbanis to get stragetically ready ( grab a cold one + some chakula ) for the pre season game between  Dallas cowboys and if colts !  so mimi huyo  i kamata  traffic nini exit kwa  beer store , ingia  traffic fika  nyumbanis  ! kwisha … am ready and armed ! i call my jamaas for the big preseason .. wapi kila mtu is somewhere else ….. except two nyangaus who hear thar corona iko kwa nyumba…. they check in so fast…… faster than a hoooker is moved around in a buster rymes  video..


..As expected, rookies and reserves dominated the Texas Stadium turf, but Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips accomplished his goals for Thursday’s preseason opener against the Indianapolis Colts. He finally got to evaluate his players in a game situation, and his team played competitively, beating the Super Bowl champions, 23-10 !!  ( morale booster bana!)

kiasi this just a ka nice way to open up the season for fans  even though mambo bado mbali………….! but all the same colts  Balls makendes lalad  flat  kwa texas stadium

 kwanza wade Phillips played his second- and third-team units throughout the second half. Quarterback Tony Romo and most of the starting offense played only two series in the first half. Romo, who played without wide receiver Terry Glenn (knee scope),  ended up giving way to backup Brad Johnson. !( i dont like your game daddy!!)

Nways today was an appertizer of manenos to come !mpaka even our ka new coach   bwana Phillips admits his first game at Texas Stadium, preseason or otherwise, held d some personal significance. becuase today is when we the fans of cowboys actually got to see him manage ama his ka  first demonstration of the stamp he has placed on the franchise. after last seasons  f-up with bill percells… in the playoffs!   that was painful if you recall the big romo  moment  when  this Rookie of Q Back really screwed us up..

coming to think of it ..take a close look at this picture…. tell me isnt that guy  scared??

 Daddy …Hio kukudoa macho am sure ilileta migrane. manzee mpaka pupils zika dialet. lol who knows he must have pee’d on himself kwa uwoga  !

The  truth    is who would not be scared…??  imagine two mean animals  men fully straped with chin pads, rib protectors 14 pound shoulder pads CHARGING on you at approximately 60 MPH and the  animals  men have just charged past the 40th yard line and you know pretty well that they are not comming to say ” HI papi ”  ziii !!!!!their sole intention is to knock the air out of your lungs.  and kwanza when you are caught offguard and when you chungulia via the side of your helmet and you see a 245 lbs mass charging on you only thing you can do is pop your eyes .!!!!

That fear is REAL.

 So  to this   player , in a minute   the whole of  his ka life flashed ahead of his  helmet and he  can only picture himself  with An intra-venous(IV) drip hanging 2 feet above his lower body replenishing fluids lost as result of the rather unfriendly encounter with the 285 pounds. of human flesh in motion.!

sa hizo . when a man is dealing with life and death issues .. all we the fans  worry about is ” ..did he make a touch down ?…” 

lakini si  thats why he has a $ 25 million 4 year deal and  I and you dont have…anything close to that?!

So thats a  pretty tight start  for  This  Pre-season manenos..