I’ve been flying quite a bit in the last 4 months of this ka year and there are several things about flying that I really don’t understand.

I obviously (not by choice) fly economy and I get cant wait for that ka time when it’s time to get my free drink and snack. I’ve grown accustomed to flying bootleg airlines like southwest . and jet blue Air, so when I fly on a bonafide airline that actually gives you drinks and snacks without demanding money, it’s a happy day! But why is it that when you ask for a Coke, they open a can and only give you half the coke, saving the rest of it for the next person that asks for Coke? Is it really going to cost them that much more money to give me the whole freaking’ can? And why is it that the flight attendants cop an attitude when you ask for more Coke? If they would just give you the whole can in the first place, no one would ever ask for seconds (or thirds or fourths).

And why is that my seat and tray table must be in the upright position before take-off and landing? Will the plane be thrown off kilter if I’m leaning back and eating Cheddar Chex Mix off my tray? Will we crash into a grassy abyss because 25 of the 172 passengers were leaning back 3 inches further than the rest of the cabin? And why does the window cover need to be open before landing? If the pilot completely misses the runway and instead lands the plane on a ka red necks farm, do I really need to see my last sight of trees and buildings on this dunia?

 to this nyeuthi …. when my flight lasts for more than 2 hours , I board a plane , lean back, close the window, and sleep until the plane lands with a thud !

 No, I don’t want to wait 10 minutes until we’re at cruising altitude to go to sleep, and I don’t want to have to wake up just as we’re beginning our descent. I want to get every last minute of sleep possible swali is when we  are 2o mins from landing in this manenos Why do I have to get up?? If you happen to have a degree in aeronautics or you’re one of those overly made-up flight attendants, please explain this to my  black ass

 You know what I  also  don’t understand? Why is it that during take-off and landing everyone must turn off their electronic equipment? If I have to turn off my phone and laptop , why doesn’t the old ass man in front of me have to turn off his hearing aid? Both are electronic, so why is one acceptable and the other isn’t? You won’t get any reception on your phone when you’re that high in the air and I’m guessing that you won’t have access to the internet either, so what difference does it make? If you ask me for an opinion If an ipod, camera, cell phone, laptop, has the capacity to actually bring down a plane, then it’s time to build a better plane.

in other random manenos.. some weekends ago I went to visit my pal in his digolos .so I check in and I see they flyest old school car in along time .! some serious chevy caprice SS sitting high and looking Fabulous .……now just to give an idea of high this car was sittng … check out that truck on the left.. its already sitting on 20 ‘s and then take a look at this ka chevy caprice the gari practically is at the same sitting hieght….why lie like an ka jinga tourist I could not avoid taking a snap ..Ngai mwathani!…

How bout some old school …who recalls this song by keith sweat- nobody reminds me of one Gladys* back in September 2001 F **&^#@@K!!! maze this chile broke my balls into 16 distinct pieces… mpaka yaani I thought the end of the dunia was apon me.. lakini that was drama 101 . nice memories I must admit …so anyone be near Ripon, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom ebu tell her to listen this manenos ukimwona

btw ….did you jua Making threats across state lines is a federal offense. ? so odhis from  Temple Tx… wacha kuthreaten ex wako out of state ati you will do sijui what … you guy utajipita federalis looking your manenos