Location : Somewhere in Nairobi KE 
When : 1996-2001 AD.
 Music -Soul 90’s: illusion  and  Sit and wait
present :  Kip, Kevo , Kim ,Nicko,Roba

Sijui if this things still happen ama its changed now ..i.e the life of nairobi  The way we used to deal with it kitambos .yaani the things we did would clearly deserve an nobel peace price. for jamaas who had  roots  in nakuru like myself and other intoxicated nairobians ….maze we would shika trips to – Coco Savannah Nakuru @ 7pm . those day there were no accidents on that road then like there are today.

talking of pubs in nairobi and the things we did in those places the likes of Modern Green ju they had 20 bob langas.. then one Afro bar. its was dinghy joint near Jevanjee that never had doors( coz it never closed!!)!! my  buddy.. who was in some famous  school  along  waiyaki way (lol)nairobi was  giving me this saga oof how back then in their school guys used to skive to go to modern green one day boys brought a langa to school at midnight only to be busted at the gate. the ka teacher on duty chukuad the mama and told the boys they have been forgiven. and he preceded to Kula the chick-d himself hukos kwa staffroom.. lol

I remember when mercury and princess were the places to meet guys after 4th. Anyone remembers a bar called Kinangop next to Princess that had bone soup boiled with Warus and pilipili. The concortion was used for killing hangy’s on Sunday and/or Monday Mornings.But I swear if medics studied it further it could probably cure tons of uncurable diseases included Mental retardation and epilepsy!

Florida…F2 !!there was a time you couldn’t go to the loos in F2. oboho’s used to chill in there and chotesha guys. I can show you enough boys who were chotwad when they fikad f2. it didn’t matter if you were wearing fake sneakers. hata fake chains and earrings.the good news was that it It was State of art joint and most convenient heng for people who relied on first Kenya bus 5am to go digs in the morning.( me and other thousands of nairobia jamaas!)

Coming to think of it who will ever forget the grand services of Munyiri’s Fish & chips and Luthuli this joint had the Best chibas to kill a hangi, mafuta was recycled so many times it had no cholesterol left. The chili sauce was so diluted you just used it to cool your chibas . The chibas especially Luthuli ones were mob. !maze!! the only beef is you would not remember where you packed the “racks” kwanza if it 2 am and you are with a bunch of drunk kenyans….

Then one your way to the club there was Kenchic and blueroom   two major kenchics one one kimathi street karibu na tacos.. and one huko in moi avenue  towards  Tsc Building…. .. ukizidi sana you would peleka her  to wimpy and she was yours for keeps!!si this were the Two first places to take a mama and be almost assured she will go pantiless by sunrise the next day…..


now the mutha of all places Nairobi west bars! akina Jeans and their never ending patrons!!.. kwanza the nyamchom was to die for.maze in my ka opinion ..Nairobi West was the coolest joint in nai cuz..

1- Fare CBD was ksh 10/= for 15 years
2- Within proximity of both south c -south b highrise,ngummo via 33’s also proximity to langata .
3- k2 was right there walking distance when you broke also kengeles west.
4- Mats never kosad you chuck from digz at7.30am fika tao by 7.45 a.m even with worst traffic on UH.
5 No 14’s were never hijacked. Queue @Tusker was always without hustle.
5 -You could stay late in CBD and a taxi would be Ksh 250/= at most.
6 -In the early 2000’s you would ride the Karen -langata n KBS metro shuttle which always had some other FLY chilles .The catch was that you had to pay 3 times the kawaida fare ( ksh 30 /=) but the beauty of those girls was worth the 30 bob!
7 – the kinyozis in westy that never closed till 12am .There was one kamba guy called Mutuko, guys would chill for this guy for 2hours just to get their Groove on.

Rugby !!!


 kina damu pevu ,floodies.. Black rock safari sevens  and all the tornas.. yaani everyone attended including those who never knew anything about it..!! Some  pumbavu  soccer fans wondered why the goal posts were different!!!kumbaff!

all in all ..blackrock,Damu pevu,Presscott and later on safari sevens. were thara … Problem was that, those fly chiles were bila time for you cuz that time ushashuka from kenya bus No121(To rongai /kiserian ama?)and your clothes were all wrinkled up and you trying to holla at the same chicks with guys who checked in with BMW’S and the works.Maze that was hardknock life!


 its been Close to 10 years now.since those days of that ka life . things have changed alot.. the energy is gone.. now ati we are part of a working nation .. thinking of marrying someones daughter.. .F*&&k*!!! either way I will check in jamhuri dec and I am  hoping to feel it once more .. Dont know if that same feeling will still be there!!